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It’s been five years since Sleep Parade’s critically-lauded 2008 debut, Things Can Always Change, dropped. Since then the Melbourne rock act have journeyed extensively throughout Australia and put the finishing touches on their follow-up album, Inside/Out. Currently sharing the stage with Dead Letter Circus, we sat down with drummer Dan Teng to talk about touring, changing lineups and finding their voice once again.

By Meghan Player

First off, how is the tour with Dead Letter Circus going?
Amazing! Great crowds, we’ve been playing pretty well and the Dead Letter Circus/Closure in Moscow guys are absolute legends! What more could you ask for?

Tour highlight thus far?
It is a close call between Melbourne and Sydney. We think that Sydney probably takes the honors, because there was a huge crowd down early to see us and were cheering in the middle sections and breakdowns of the songs.

Congratulations also on the release of your new album, ‘Inside/Out’ – are you happy to see the album out in the world now?
We are absolutely stoked that the album is out and people are enjoying it. It was definitely a long and enjoyable journey.

It’s been five years since your debut was released, and a lot has changed for the band since then – did the time away influence how the new album turned out?
It definitely did, but in an organic way. As you grow and change, so do your tastes and songwriting style. You explore different sounds and vibes.

The new album also explored a new sound and style for the band – was it a conscious decision to explore these new ideas and techniques, or did it come about naturally?
The change came about completely naturally. It is a constant process of wanting to learn and try new things. No one wants to repeat themselves at the end of the day.

Did the change in the band lineup influence the way the album ended up sounding?
Not really to be honest. The vibe of the band was pretty set regardless of what the lineup is/was. The parts were all written and performed to serve the song and melodies. They became paramount in the process.

It took about three years in-and-out of studio to get the album together – how did you find the momentum to finish it?
We just felt that the songs were great and feeling cohesive. They had grown and evolved over a long period. Forrester had a good chunk of time free and we had the fire required to finish it.

Are you happy with the way the album turned out? It seems like everyone is loving it – fans and critics alike.
Yeah we are stoked. We feel it is a true reflection of where we are at and a different side to us than the first record.

After you finish up the tour with DLC, what’s next for the band?
We are planning on doing another bunch of shows before the end of the year and also to record another couple of new songs to keep the momentum going. The new material is very exciting and another step forward for us.

Many thanks to Dan for taking the time to chat to us. ‘Inside/Out’ is available now through:

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