After returning from a lengthy summer on the road, we were lucky enough to catch up with pop punk poster boys Man Overboard, to discuss the release of their new album, touring and the pros and cons of the legendary Warped Tour.

 By Jade Daly

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the band?
I am Justin Collier and I play guitar in Man Overboard. We are a pop punk band from New Jersey who just released our third LP entitled, Heart Attack on Rise Records. We’ve just spent the summer on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour.

So you’ve recently returned from a summer playing warped tour. What are the best and worst things about the festival?
It was our second year in a row so we already knew exactly what to expect so it was pretty easy for us. There is a great crew/staff on the tour and we had a lot of friends bands on so it was great to hangout with everyone all summer. It truly is like punk rock summer camp. There’s three catered meals for bands/crew, there are activities and after parties and everyone has their own cabin (in the form of a tour bus) so it’s hard not to have a good time.

Some people complain about playing the 11:30am set time but we had some really good sets in that slot so I really can’t complain about anything.

Warped Tour has a bit of a reputation for being a tough tour, after weeks of touring in crazy weather conditions with hundreds of other bands, how do you stay motivated?
Like I was just saying, you can’t really complain about getting to play music each day on a stage that sounds awesome, in front of kids that care and with people who you like and respect. So yeah, it is long but you’d have to be a real jerk to be too bent about it.

The line up was pretty strong this year; when it came to checking out bands, did you find you were you drawn to the same ones over and over, or did you try to keep things fresh (did anyone stand out in particular)?
I was playing, tour managing and doing a million other things so I didn’t watch THAT many bands… I mainly stuck around to watch The Early November and The Story So Far.

You toured the UK in November as a part of the Road To Warped Tour, aside from the obvious differences, how did the festival compare to its US counterpart?
The Road To Warped tour was just a club tour with 4 bands who were playing the Warped UK festival, so that was like any other club tour.
The Warped UK festival was more like any other festival in the behind the scenes sense – You didn’t know your stage crew, things ran behind, the non-Warped staff didn’t know what was going on with parking, etc.

Warped Tour in America is a well-oiled machine… everyone’s in buses that travel together, the catering staff travel with the tour, the crew on the tour has been to the venues countless times so everything just goes well.

Warped UK was new so it wasn’t a familiar thing. With that being said, it went well. It sold-out way in advance and it was a great time.

You recently released your new album Heart Attack, how do you feel your music has progressed since your self titled album?
We don’t actively try to do anything different, we just pick from the songs we have demoed and put together an album – anything that happens is something that was natural. I think this album is a little more mature and I think sonically it sounds amazing.

There was an issue with Spotify leaking the album slightly early, how did that happen?
Who shot JFK? There was a lot of confusion but I guess either they used or were given the wrong date to post our album, so it got posted a week early and then leaked onto the internet via torrents and download sites and what not.

It seems to be an ongoing issue at the moment; The Story So Far experiencing something similar with their newest release What You Don’t See. Do you think it makes a difference to the overall hype and record sales?
Depends if the record is good and what the bands fans are like. I think die-hard fans will always buy a record, but the on the fence fans who might download the record a month early because it leaked are less likely to buy the album if it’s not in stores for another month. With that being said TSSFs album and our album both leaked and thousands of copies were still sold so we’re doing okay I guess [laughs].

Love Your Friends Die Laughing seems to be a fan favorite when it comes to live shows, how does it feel closing the set each night with hundreds of fans singing along to that song?
That was the first song on our first demo so its cool to see that people still really enjoy it. No complaints there!

Last year you put on the Lost Tape Collective Holiday Show with a bunch of awesome bands (Seahaven, Citizen, Daylight…) Do you have anything exciting planned for the coming months now that summer is winding down?
That was our third year in a row. The first year was Fireworks, Balance & Composure, Hostage Calm, etc. The next year was The Wonder Years, Fireworks and Moving Mountains. This year we are working on some cool stuff along with a few other holiday shows. It’s going to be RAD.

So last question; using one sentence, why should people check out Man Overboard?
I don’t think any reason I can say is going to make people go out of their way to check us out, so if you’re looking for a new pop punk band, then hit up out YouTube channel and listen to some songs. Thanks!

Many thanks to Justin for taking the time to chat to us. You can check out Man Overboard at:


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