Reviewed by Emma Dean

High on the release of their latest album ‘The Catalyst Fire,’ Dead Letter Circus made their return to Sydney tonight to hordes of eager fans.

After being well and truly warmed up by Melbourne’s Closure in Moscow, an avant garde mix of alternative rock led by Christopher de Cinque (who could only be described as the love child of Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger), it was clear that whilst the crowd was enthusiastic, they were really only there for the headliners.

Dead Letter Circus take to the stage and burst into ‘The Cure’, the first track from their new album. Rolling and epic, forever shirtless frontman Kim Benzie’s soaring vocals draw us into the mystical world that DLC are experts at creating for their listeners. Taking things up a notch with ‘The Mile’ and ‘Reaction’, the band were in fine form and playing as if they’re lives depended on it.

It seemed to me that the whole crowd took a while to warm up completely, not fully engaging until they played ‘Wake Up’ (ah the irony). I don’t know if it was because most of the first half of the tracks were from their latest album, but they soon had the rest of the audience in the palm of their hands. ‘One Step’ and latest single ‘Lode Star’ were the highlights of the night, until final songs ‘Lines’ & ‘Next In Line’ – where the crowd sang along to every word.

Dead Letter Circus put on a hell of a show and you’d be stupid to miss them next time they hit Sydney.


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