Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s not often that you see hardcore and electronica in the same sentence – let alone combined to form one of the most unique and downright epic bands kicking it on the international scene at the moment. Enter Crossfaith and their killer new album, Apocalyze.

Kicking off with the simple, yet atmospheric ‘Prelude‘ – the album launches itself into an avalanche of blistering, relentless noise that keeps you guessing right until the final track.

‘We Are The Future‘ doesn’t waste any time, completely blowing apart your auditory senses the minute it begins. The less-then-subtle blend of hardcore and electronica that has defined the band launches into full effect, leaving no prisoners in its wake.

‘Hounds Of The Apocalypse‘ pushes the dramatic soundscape boundaries even further, while following track ‘Eclipse‘ superbly plays off the two mashed-up genres. Interestingly, the beginning of the track almost feels like it could go in a completely different direction in terms of sound, before switching the tempo, shocking your system and launching into another onslaught of noise.

Scarlett‘ sees the band shift the melody and tempo to allow the introduction of some haunting female vocals, as ‘Countdown To Hell‘ threatens to open up the gates of the underworld even further with a futuristic blend of electronica and earth-shattering guitar riffs. It’s by this stage you have well and truly lost yourself in this album, unsuccessfully trying to resist the urge to throw everything you own onto the floor and leave a path of utter destruction.

As ‘Deathwish‘ rolls around, and the final stages of the album come into play, it becomes clear that the band are not letting up or slowing down to a finale. ‘Burning White‘ and ‘Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes‘ continue the ‘party’, so to speak – and make you want to hit repeat and listen to the album all over again.

Undoubtedly, ‘Apocalyze‘ is a superb album from the Japanese quintet. The dramatic plethora of sounds warrant images of mosh pits being obliterated, and provide a true testament to the bands unquestionable [and formidable] force. Wonderfully, it’s the bands ability to keep you guessing with each track that makes this album so unique. The unpredictability of what they will do next is utterly brilliant, and keeps you coming back for more.

Certainly, in a world of manufactured pop and saturated rock, Crossfaith are managing to keep music dangerous, and for that they deserve all kinds of praise.



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