For the last few weeks, Anberlin have been teasing their fans about a new release that is in the works – causing online forums to speculate about its contents. In the lead up to their Australian tour, we sat down for a quick chat with drummer Nate Young to see if we could get any insight into the mystery release.

By Julia Lay

How are you? Whereabouts in the world are you right now?
I’m doing well. I’m actually at home right now, in Florida, but we leave tomorrow. We head to the Philippines, then Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand and then we’ll be in Australia!

Are there any songs that you haven’t played off the ‘Vital’ record yet?
With couple of tours we’ve done, we’ve played a decent amount of the songs. Probably half of the record actually. We haven’t played all eleven of them live, but yeah, we do about half from each record at a time so it’s been good.

Speaking of albums, I heard a rumor a new one is coming out soon?
We’re working on stuff that we haven’t announced yet but it’s not a whole new album. It’s new stuff for sure.

Is the working title ‘Devotion’ by any chance?
Hmm [pauses]… Yes it is. [Laughs] I can’t say much because we haven’t announced it but we’re definitely doing some different stuff that we’re very excited about for sure.

Do you know if the album will be EPs, B-sides, or double album perhaps?
I wish I could tell you more about it! We’re announcing it in a couple of days but like I said before, there will be new stuff as well as other things that we’ll talk about later.

Will you play any tracks from Devotion on your upcoming Australian tour?
Nah we won’t actually. Since we haven’t played ‘Vital’ over there yet, at all, we’re going to be focussing on that. We’ll play a variety of different songs from previous records as well but since the last record, we were there quite a while ago. So we’re going to play a decent amount off ‘Vital’ for sure.

You recently left your record label – Universal – how did that change effect the band?
Yes. We had three records with Universal and our contract was up so it felt like the right time to go in different directions. All labels have their highs and lows, good and bad, but I think that with any label – indie or major, they have their different stuff. Majors have the potential to do more with more money and more backing in terms of what they’re able to pull down. So I think there are good things to both. If you get a good group of people who believe in you and believe in the record, then it’s all good with a major label. Then again, it also varies with what band you’re in.

You seem to be releasing music quite fast. Are a lot of your tracks/albums written while you’re on the road?
Yeah we always do, we’re constantly writing. It’s like a natural process for us and at this point, if anyone wants to do it, they just go and do it. We have the technology now that helps with it; all the stuff that’s on our computers with all the programs we have with us as we’re touring and moving. There is a difference with being at home and being able to focus on songs, but there are little things on the road you can use when you’re constantly thinking of stuff. After ‘Vital’ was done, we had more ideas for other songs for the next record.

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
Right now, probably Jimmy Eat World. That would be super fun, we should do something together. Foo Fighters would be great too [laughs].

So you’re bringing The Maine with you on tour, have you met or seen them before?
We met them a long time ago, maybe 4 years ago or something, but we’ve never hung out with them for longer than five minutes. We thought they were a good fit and some good friends of ours have seen them multiple times. They said they were really good dudes to hang with, and so we figured we’ll bring them. Hopefully it’ll be cool.

You guys could probably show them around since it’s like your second home here.
[Laughs] Yeah for sure. I don’t know if they’re been over there yet, have they been down there?

I’m pretty sure they have. I think it was for the Soundwave.
Cool, okay. Yeah, we’re excited to be touring with them.

Since there’s going to be a new release, could we expect you back next year as well?
Yeah you’ll see us next year for sure!

Many thanks to Nate for taking the time to chat to us. You can find out more information about Anberlin’s  upcoming tour with the Maine at:


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