Reviewed by Jade Daly

So far, 2013 has been a great year for new releases. Yet in a day and age where a flood of pop punk has found an entirely new generation of kids to brainwash (in the best way possible), it almost feels like a breath of fresh air when an older band manages to keep things fresh, fun and relevant. Zebrahead have never been one to disappoint and their new album ‘Call Your Friends‘ is definitely no exception on the musical front.

Opening track Sirens is the perfect introduction to the bands crazy mix of pop punk and fast beats, whilst Murder On The Airwaves boasts a heavier sound – showing just how far the bands musical style has come since the release of their 2011 album Get Nice.

I’m Just Here For The Free Beer and title track, Call Your Friends, stay true to the pop punk sound and are in their own right perfect partying songs (even hosting a quick cameo from Marc Kantor – well known for his role as bartender on Zebrahead’s 2011 Get Nice Or Die Trying tour…).

Overall the album is one hell of a crazy ass roller coaster, keeping the listener dancing on their toes for the entirety of fourteen impressive songs. The only foreseeable downside to Call Your Friends is that it does, in fact, have to end. The best part? Sirens is always there, just waiting to welcome you back.




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