Emerging from the picturesque concrete jungle of our fair nation’s capital and political hub, Super Best Friends have released their seasonally-appropriate new single (with a juggernaut of a video featuring a few familiar faces) Round And Round. Now that Election Season is upon us, the band bestow the next chapter upon the clamouring Australian public in this trying time of spin and repetition.

A scathing (but no less head-banging) commentary on the politics of spin, the twenty-four hour news cycle and the beloved institution of the media, the band sums up the ethos of the track: “The song’s about repetition in politics and the media cycle and it’s about repetition in politics and the media cycle and it’s also about repetition.”  The track roils, guitar, reckless drums and synths smashing together, driven along by an inescapable hook. “Because the song is about repetition in politics and the media cycle, we thought what better way to get this message across than from the horse’s mouths. Our bass player Matt Roberts spent a lot of his free time hanging around Parliament House, and with his wit and charm, managed to convince several federal politicians and well-known media personalities to be in our new film clip”.

Matt invaded the corridors of power within of Parliament House, armed with nothing but a camera and the aforementioned charm, and managed to gain the backing a of a few friends, including, but certainly not limited to, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott, MPs Rob Oakeshott and Bob Katter, Greens Leader Christine Milne and senator Nick Xenophon. The video is both and apt and sorely-needed addition to this election season, the perfect chaser for what spin doctors are serving up.


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