Industrial jungle pussy punk motherfuckers Mindless Self Indulgence return with a new album ‘How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence’ to remind us about having fun and well.. not giving a shit. We sat down with frontman Jimmy Urine to chat about crowd-funding, the new album and gay marriage.

By Bec Hennessy

Congratulations on the new record. Can you tell me a bit about the recording process? What was inspiring you? How do you feel about the result?
I really wanted to just make a pure MSI record and the fact that we are a self-aware band helps. MSI does not need to follow any rules. We don’t give a fuck about radio, video or press – we only care about what we like, and this record sounds like that. I think it came out fucking great.

Did you have any idea how successful your Kickstarter campaign for it would be? What role do you think crowd-funding should play in music today, particularly for established bands?
We knew it would be good, that is why we made it a hostage situation and asked for a lot of money upfront. As for the role of crowd-funding, I don’t really care what platform people use to achieve their goals, but I will say this – crowd-funding is not a donation. We are giving you something for your money – a cd, a DVD, a t-shirt, a specialty item – so Kickstarter needs to re-brand itself. It’s a pop up store, not a charity.

Part of what I love about the new album is the energy and obvious amount of fun emanating from it. I can barely suppress dancing with Thom Yorke abandon to your music.  This energy always shines through with you guys, what keeps you going?
We like what we do and we don’t care what you think. That is how we do it.

I sadly missed you guys at Soundwave this year. I read somewhere that you enjoy playing that festival but wish you were playing alongside more Australian acts. Any suggestions?
The problem is, a lot of new Australian acts don’t make it over here. Back in the day, you had INXS, Midnight Oil, Rose Tattoo, Nick Cave, Men at Work, the Divinyls. Now we know about Goyte, and that’s about it. You’ve got to step it up. Take back the night.

On the topic of Australian bands you are currently touring with The Red Paintings, who resided in my city for a time and we like to claim them as cult local favourites, how did that come about?
We met them when we came down there in 2009, and they opened for us. They contacted us for the USA tour, and we put them on some dates. They’re a cool group of guys and girls.

The Red Paintings are known for their outspoken political stances. Any causes close your heart? Thoughts maybe on the Gay Marriage debate perhaps?
We are not a political band, which is why we will never win a Grammy. But I think the fact that gay marriage, abortion and drugs are still a debate at all is sad. It’s fucking 2013. I am way ahead of all of you guys. In my mind, all that stuff is legal and cool.

I love “Kill You All in a Hip Hop Rage” – I can relate.  I was going to ask who you think needs a cap busted in their ass but instead I’ll ask – who gets to live – What hip hop artists are you into at the moment?
Anyone who does not rap about love, clubs and car details.

The line “You’re only young once but you can’t be immature forever” from “Hey Tomorrow Fuck You and Your Friend Yesterday” struck me. I find getting older in the punk scene slightly depressing at times. Any thoughts on that?
Man, I write good lyrics. Let me dissect the line for you more – “You’re only young once [so have fun, fuck shit up like you’re going to die tomorrow. But you will probably not die tomorrow, so get read to grow up because] you can’t be immature forever”.

Fuck yesterday and tomorrow then – what’s in the distant future for MSI?  Please tell me you are gracing our shores again soon?
The near future for MSI is remixes, videos, a tour in the UK, Europe, Russia and hopefully more in Australia.

Many thanks to Jimmy for taking the time to chat to us. You can check out MSI’s upcoming tour dates at:

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