On the back of their critically acclaimed release, ‘Forever Halloween‘, we sat down with guitarist Kennedy Brock to talk about touring Australia, recording to tape and learning from their mistakes.

By Mark Plummer

The sound from your debut release Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop to Forever Halloween shows a definite change in style for the band. Is this current sound helping to define who The Maine want to be or is there more evolution to be expected in the future?
This is who we are right now. I think every record we have done has changed because we are ever-expanding our musical tastes. I have no idea how I will feel when we sit down to record the next record. All I know is, I’m very proud of this new record and the way it was recorded. I can see us recording live again, that’s for sure.

You worked with Brendan Benson as producer on Forever Halloween, what did he bring to the process?
A whole lot! He was the back bone to this project. We went into it know that there was much to learn. Brendan, with all of his knowledge and good vibes, taught us exactly what we needed. He really helped to bring us to another level as musicians.

You’ve mentioned previously about recording onto tape for this release. Did you transfer these recording into Pro Tools or was the whole album done exclusively onto tape, staying away from anything digital?
We used a device called Clasp. It calls for a real tape machine to take down the information, then sends that to Pro Tools so that no quality is lost.

Has recording on tape given you a preference to the tape vs. digital debate?
Yes I think it has. I really enjoy the sound that tape delivers, compared to digital recordings.

What challenges did you face when it came to recording Forever Halloween?
The live aspect was the most foreign to us. We had never tracked a song live all together in a room before. It certainly was a hurdle to get over but we found this recording process to be way more rewarding.

When releasing music videos in the past and the lyric videos currently, do you as a band, get much say in the direction the video takes and the story it conveys?
Actually yes we do. It’s all us 100%

You’ve released a lyric video for your single Love and Drugs which coincides with a growing trend of bands releasing lyrics videos instead of music videos. Do you see the lyric video as a new promotional means that is more cost-effective, with the music video starting to die out in the industry?
Lyric videos have become an important tool for quick video content upon a songs release, but there is still plenty of need for music videos. I feel that they provide so much more background to a song when done correctly.

Are there any bands or individuals in the industry who have had a big impact on yourselves as a band and how you look to take yourselves forward?
We have had a lot of people to look up to over the years. Also, we try to learn from our mistakes. I think that this is such a hard-working group, we’re inspired by each other, and push each other to succeed.

You’re currently touring the US before heading to Australia. How’s the US tour going and how stoked are you to be playing Australia with Anberlin?
It has been great so far! It’s hard to complain with 30 of my best friends on the earth hanging out everyday. I am quite excited to visit Australia again, and equally excited to meet and tour with Anberlin! It’s going to be a fun year!

Finally, now that Forever Halloween has been released, looking back on the writing and recording processes, what do you feel is unique about the album in this day and age.
I think we just strayed from the normal way of making records these days. We wanted to better ourselves. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we certainly grew confident as a band.

Many thanks to Kennedy for taking the time to chat to us. You can check out the The Maine and their upcoming tour dates at:

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