Reviewed by Emma Dean

With a back catalogue of records, and tours that most bands would kill for, Baby Animals are true rock veterans and it’s refreshing to see that good Aussie rock has not (and will not) be left wanting. Lead by the incredible Suze DeMarchi, the hard rockers are back with their first studio album in twenty years ‘This Is Not The End’.

Sticking with the familiar, the album is off to a running start with first track and single ‘Email’. Hailing back to 1993’s ‘Shaved and Dangerous’ album, DeMarchi is in incredible form – whilst guitarist David Leslie tears up the track with spine tingling guitar solos. ‘Under Your Skin’ is an album highlight, as are the soulful ‘Stitch’, ‘Warm Bodies’ and the powerhouse ‘Got It Bad’.

The album is full of anger, heartbreak and ultimately acceptance. DeMarchi has one of the greatest voices in the business and just keeps getting better.  An incredible album that proves that rock isn’t dead, and it isn’t going anywhere!



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