Maggot EP
Reviewed by Meghan Player
If you like your doom/sludge sounds big, bold and unrelenting, then you needn’t look further then Sydney four-piece, Yanomamo and their debut EP, ‘Maggot‘.

Drawing influence from some of the finer points of hardcore, metal and a flash of punk – the band weave a dramatic, albeit sinister soundscape that threatens to strip the soul from your body.

Opener and title track ‘Maggot’ is five minutes of blind fury – driving the core sound well into your psyche before crushing it whole. The near epic ‘The Age Of Water‘ is a testament to the bands technique, slowly lulling you into a zombie-like trance before ‘Yanomamo‘ blasts the side out of your speakers – and possibly your hearing.

Finale ‘Baphomet‘ is perhaps the most intriguing track on the EP, combining elements of spoken word/Yanomamo chanting amongst the doom and gloom, allowing for more depth and dimension to seep into the overall feel of the track. The result is certainly unique, and definitely worth numerous listens – if only to uncover another layer of sound each time you do.

Clocking in around the 30 minute mark, this is a pretty solid effort for a 4-track EP. The sound and effect Yanomamo have managed to produce is unquestionably killer, yet seemingly only a mere taste of what promises to be an epic follow-up release.

Keep your eyes peeled for these guys – there is certainly some superb impending doom looming on the horizon.

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