Reviewed by Meghan Player

A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Melbourne six-piece, The Harlots. Their infectious blend of blues and straight-up rock and roll saw them wiggle their way into my growing list of killer Melbourne bands – a presence that begs to be noticed once again with latest release, ‘Coarse Tunes Parts I & II’.

‘Got No Soul‘ is the perfect funk-driven opener – a blend of warm melodies and downright sinful lyrics that weave the tales of lovers past – while following track, ‘What I Know‘ draws on a piano/keyboard laden ditty that pulls you out of your chair and forces you to dance in a shambolic frenzy.

Billy Made Keen’ feels achingly familiar – like an old friend that has come to visit – while the super-smooth licks of ‘Cover Of A Rolling Stone’ leaves little wonder as to why this band caught my attention in the first place.

CD 2 kicks the tunes up a notch with the band delivering a downright, cool as fuck groove in ‘opener’ ‘Righteous Man’. Undoubtedly a personal favourite on the EP, the track highlights all the points that make this band a good one – infectious hooks, unique melodies and the ability to tell one hell of a story.

Take Me To The Scene‘ & ‘Stronger By The Day’ offer up a new bag of tricks – with the bands sound and style drawing from the likes of rock, surf, blues and hell, even a twinge of gospel. ‘When Are You Coming Home‘ rounds out the EP – albeit much too quickly. The track a seemingly perfect wind-down to the cavalcade of wonderful noise that preceded it.

Quite simply, this is a superb little EP. While there are a lot of bands vying for attention across the music scene, The Harlots can pride themselves on being one of the bands that you owe your attention to. Their tunes are infectious and interesting, but above all else they make you feel something. Be it the urge to dance, sing-a-long, clap your hands or smile like a massive idiot – and that in itself is all anyone could ever need.




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