Clairy Browne and The Bangin' Rackettes-31

Reviewed by Julia Lay

Drunk dancing in all its glorious forms escalated when Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk took to the stage. Limbs and backsides were thrown in every direction as the stomper rock ‘n’ roll two-piece riled up the energy of attendees.The audience of the packed out venue edged closer at every song with more confidence to be up the front compared to earlier in the evening when it felt more comfortable to watch sugar-voiced crooner, Laneous, from a distance.

When Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes‘ pre-show sound check came around, the customary blood-red curtains of The Corner hid the rush to get the set-up ready which aided in the crowd getting increasingly more keen for the show to start.

As the curtains drew to the side of the stage, the dapper horn section, drummer and guitarists were revealed to tremendous cheering and applause. They provided the beat before the arrival of the ladies. As the Bangin’ Rackettes trio took to the stage, Clairy Browne’s appearance was imminent and the anticipation was at its pinnacle. She soon graced the stage decked out in a new curve-hugging outfit consisting of rainbow jewels and teal tasselled earrings that matched her eyeshadow. The effort to appearance basically screamed effort, and as a performer she wants us to notice. We did.

When the Rackettes started humming the intro to ‘Vicious Cycle’ the lights dimmed a little – to encourage a bit of mystic in the room. “Prove to me you’re not too cool to hum” uttered Clairy Browne with a challenge so pleading, you couldn’t help but want to satisfy her wishes. No one in the room wanted to break her heart at this point, rightly so due to the subject of the upcoming song. The majority of the crowd (in the front half of the room at least) obliged having been hypnotised by the soft yet contagious humming.

‘Love Letter’ their big hit which was thrown into mass appeal by that Heineken commercial, never fails to get the jitterbug alive in the room. ‘Whatta Man’ provoked another mass clapping participation and at this point if you weren’t joining in with some form of movement then you should question whether you have a soul or not. One of the mid-set highlights included a captivating choreography with the Bangin’ Rackettes in the spotlight. They were entrusted the entire stage by Clairy Browne who disappeared offstage for the meantime.

As between song banter goes, Clairy did it with a firm knowledge that she was in control and everyone was going to listen. The certainty was welcoming as an assured diva is the only way to convince a crowd that you’re proud of the show you’re delivering on stage. Though it was an apt pun that she quickly retracted, “nobody puts Clairy in the corner” was a downright proper statement representing her complete demeanour.

‘Baby Caught The Bus’ was at the tail end of the main set which led the audience to scream for more. It was clear an encore was going to occur when the lights remained dimmed and instruments were unmoved. No one was disappointed as the whole band returned to the limelight. Opening act, Laneous was asked to join them as a special guest tonight for a slow number that he pulled off perfectly as Clairy Browne’s sultry voice juxtaposed and entwined nicely with his.

It was a sold-out homecoming show done with all the glitz and glamour you would expect from Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes. They will be back again in July due to the demand, and rightly so as their performance is just filled with so much straightforward fun. Until then, it’s probably time for everyone to look up some boogie-woogie instructional dance videos.


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