With a line-up boasting some of Australia’s finest talent – there is little doubt that heavy rock four-piece, The Nerve would be anything short of killer. On the eve of their Australia tour, we sat down with the band to discuss touring, signing to Birds Robe Records and rock and roll.

By Jade Daly


Could you introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the band?
We are The Nerve, we are based out of Prague, Melbourne and Sydney. We play rock and roll.

You’ve all had experience in bands prior to The Nerve, what brought you together and what makes your new music unique?
Friendship, and a shared understanding of what music and performance is about. The most exciting thing about the band is that it has developed organically within a digital world.

You have really old school rock and roll sound, are you influenced by that scene at all?
Band members have been influenced by Pantera, No Means No, Matt Finish, Hendrix, Frank Zappa just to name a few.

You’ve recently signed to Bird’s Robe Records, what do you think that means for the future?
It gives us confidence that Mike and the entire collective see us a band that fit in with the rest of the awesome talent on the label. I also means we can stay independent from the companies that gave us Idol, X Factor, The Voice and the endless stream of shit that passes for artist development these days.

Signing to a new label generally means a new album. What can we expect from The Nerve musically?
By the end of 2013: 10 tracks in 33 minutes – strap in!

You are set to embark on an Australian headlining tour in June, will you guys be heading anywhere else later in the year? Europe or the USA?
The punters will be the first to know once the deals are done, but let’s not jinx it.

Using one sentence why should people check out The Nerve?
Because we offer something that no other band in the world can musically, and we have something articulate and important to say.


The Nerve tour Australia in June – for tour dates visit



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