Reviewed by Meghan Player

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, there is little chance that you haven’t heard – or at least been somewhat aware – of City and Colour. Forged on the back of Dallas Green‘s illustrious career with Alexisonfire – the singer/songwriter is on the path to melt hearts once again with new release, ‘The Hurry and the Harm.’

The title track and album opener immediately stirs the imagination of the listener – drawing your mind into a state of dreamlike consciousness. Green’s vocals envelope your ears in a warm cocoon, serenading you with his signature lyricism and delivery.

Harder Than Stone‘ and ‘Of Space and Time’ manage the same effect, taking you further into the ‘rabbit-hole’ of the album. It’s by the time ‘The Lonely Life‘ rolls around, that you are – not only, completely in awe of this masterpiece – but begin to appreciate the level of depth and emotion that Green has created with the album.

Latest single ‘Thirst‘ is perhaps my most played song –  a mixture of infectious grooves and striking lyricism, the track is definitely Green at his finest. “…In the midst of a storm searching for shelter, I came upon one single feather. A half-hearted wish for something better…” Green croons, honesty teaming out of his delivery.

Not to let a good thing go to waste, ‘Two Coins‘ draws on the emotion of the previous tracks, lulling you into another tale of foreboding sorrow and woe. “….Just put two coins upon my eyelids, so I can pay the boatman’s toll…I’ve always been dark, with light somewhere in the distance…” Green calls as the melody weaves around the lyrics like merciless hands.

‘Take Care‘ sees the album tug at your heartstrings once again, while ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ and ‘The Golden State‘ draw the tracks towards the perfect close. ‘Deaths Song’ is poetically heartbreaking, giving the listener an inescapably beautiful finale to end the journey the album has taken us on.

Certainly, ‘The Hurry and the Harm‘ is a superb album. Brimming with emotion, honesty and profound lyricism, Green has once again delivered an album that will not only connect with the listener on a deeper level, but will provide a collection of songs that will span the test of time. He reminds us that these moments in life – love, loss, death, sorrow – are the things that define us, no matter how dark or emotional they may seem – and without a doubt has proven his ability one again to pen some of the most emotionally striking lyrics of our time.



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