Reviewed by Meghan Player

The last couple of years have been big ones for Melbourne dirty blues quartet, the Brothers Grim & the Blue Murders. A lineup change, one killer debut album and a slew of headlining sets and festival slots across the country have seen the band fast become one of the best local acts our country has to offer. Certainly, anticipation was brewing in the lead up to latest EP release ‘Roll It In‘ – and without a doubt, it lives up to expectations.

Kicking off with the single [and subsequent video] ‘Been A While‘, the band weave an endearing tale of a night of heavy drinking, lost memories and ‘..not getting younger, just getting older..‘ – whilst treating your ears to some killer slide guitar.

My Kind Of Love‘ kicks the adrenalin up a notch, with the tempo and melody reminding you that your feet are there for dancing – albeit terrible, frantic dancing – but dancing, nonetheless.

The EP takes a seedy, yet sexy, turn with ‘Ease On In‘, while the AC/DC cover of ‘Kicked In The Teeth‘ is an endearing frolic into hip-shaking fervor.

Friends Like These‘ is a welcome inclusion on the EP – a track that has inspired many a drunken sing-a-longs during the bands live sets, while close-second personal favourite [and perfect EP closer] ‘Baby Girl‘ brings to life the classic detective story that inspired the tune. ‘…I killed the only man my daughter ever loved…’, howls frontman James Grim – encompassing a darker, alter-ego to illustrate the tale.

Undoubtedly, Roll It In is a superb piece of work from the Brothers Grim & the Blue Murders. Their sound, style, structure and the ability to get you out of your chair and dancing like an idiot is unparalleled – and still makes them one of the most exciting, infectious and killer live acts I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing [albeit several times] over the last few years.

Do yourself a favour. Buy this EP.



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