Reviewed by Meghan Player

Hungarian gypsies, Irish poets, Dylan, Hemingway and Hendrix all share one commonality – Melbourne singer/songwriter Leon Thomas. His sound has been described as gospel meets blues, folk combined with rock – all of which form part of his debut self-titled EP.

‘Fierce Cats‘ immediately stirs your attention with a smooth hook laden melody that beams warmth and honesty. Thomas’ vocals cry over the guitar, calling you into the intriguing sound of the EP.

Thistle Bush‘ is a stroke of brilliance – with the dirty feedback and the accompanying vocals hypnotising the listener into blissful submission. Once again, the rawness of the track is the highlight, drawing on the honesty of Thomas’ lyrics and delivery.

Following tracks ‘Three Seasons‘, ‘A Message‘ and ‘Holy Smokes‘ offer an unquestionable level of ambience – laying somewhere between the warmth of a summer afternoon or the chill of an autumn morning.

‘Picket Line‘ drums up images of the yesteryear, with a sound that wouldn’t have been out-of-place at Woodstock. As the EP builds to the finale ‘The Story Of Leon Thomas‘, you are once again struck with the honesty that the tracks possess – laying bare the stories of the young songwriter.

Certainly, this is an EP that demonstrates a solid beginning for Leon Thomas. His honesty, emotion and influence can not only be heard in each track, but ultimately felt by the listener. This unique ability to connect on a deeper level will undoubtedly see Thomas move brightly into the future.




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