Reviewed by Emma Dean

From a country that holds the highest standard for themed metal bands, Finnish metalcore punk rockers Snow White’s Poison Bite have definitely attempted an ambitious concept album with their second studio offering: “Featuring: Dr. Gruesome and the Gruesome Gory Horror Show”.

Since being left as the single original member of the band, UK expat Allan “Jeremy Thirteenth” Cotterill has done an amazing job in recruiting three new incredibly talented members in Tuomo Räisänen, Hannu Saarimaa and Niko Hyttinen and their talent shines in the ensuing energetic and chilling album.

It’s impossible not to think of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Lordi’s “Would You Love a Monsterman?” during the church organ strains of opening track “Gruesomely Introducing: Dr.Gruesome and the Gruesome Gory Horror Show“. A rasping, evil voice introduces the album’s protagonist, the high-pitched Dr Gruesome. Quickly you descend into the “The Gruesome Gory Horror Show”, the horror freak show complete with ghosts, vampires and zombies.

There’s a New Creep on the Block“, “Will You Meet Me in the Graveyard?” and “Halloween Means Death” are all your traditional horror rock tracks with nods to theatrical acts like Kiss and My Chemical Romance.

Zombie Romance” features Michale Graves (of 90s Misfits fame) and begins as a refreshing and amusing change of pace from the rest of the album. The track falters towards the end however as it returns to the original sounds of the rest of the album.

The album is entertaining, energetic and full of life – I love their musical vision – but ultimately I found it far too repetitive and uninspired. Keep it up your sleeve for Halloween parties or if you’re trying to frighten your conservative neighbours.



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