Reviewed by Meghan Player

It wasn’t too long ago that my attention was caught by LA-based, Paris-bred horror punk band, Sinner Sinners. Incorporating the frenetic ferocity of the punk scene I love with the horror and darkness you would expect from the Misfits – I instantly knew I was onto something good. Upcoming EP, ‘Excuse Our French‘ is certain to continue my fandom, taking the previous Sinner Sinners sound and revving it up twelve notches.

Opener ‘Reckless‘ is about as ferocious as they come. Pulsating, blistering, wonderful noise pounds out of your speakers as frontman Steve Sinner spits out the words with so much venom, you can’t help but take a noticeable step back. The sound ultimately hits you like a wall of noise, and damn it’s fucking good.

A.F.O‘ is a mix of solid punk ethos with a dash of synth. The incorporation of the keyboard gives the track a haunting ambience that is impossible to ignore – whilst the pounding delivery of the verse/chorus/verse is unquestionably killer, only further emphasised by an anthematic guitar solo.

Third and final track ‘Riot‘ is perhaps a personal favourite on the album – again switching the core sound of the band up to eleven and blasting the absolute shit out of whatever speakers and/or hearing you have left. Once again, the gang vocals are perfectly matched to the lightning speed of the tempo. “There’s going to be a riot!” they yell, with so much ferocity that it may well incite something – even if it is a sweaty, aggressive mosh/fight pit.

Undoubtedly, this is an exciting step in the right direction for the LA punks. Their sound is undeniably fresh and is but a mere taste of what this band is capable of – snotty, dirty, honest, punk tunes that make me wonder why anyone said ‘Punk is dead’ in the first place. Do yourself a favour, buy this EP.



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