Between the release of a new record and a heavy touring schedule, it would seem The American Scene are always on the go. After touring the US with Man Overboard and The Story So far supporting the Suppy Nation tour, they’ve finally made their way over to the UK for yet another string of dates with the Californian pop punkers. We caught up with guitarist Chris Purtill before they hit the stage in Manchester.

By Jade Daly

Can you introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit about the band?
My name is Chris Purtill and I play guitar in the band The American Scene and we are from the Bay area in California.

So you’ve been on tour with The Story So Far for a while now, which show has been the best so far and why?
Here in the UK? I liked Cardiff a lot, it was cool going there. It’s a little bit different from the rest of England I guess. I mean it’s in Wales so obviously it’s different. I think the best show we’ve had so far has probably been Bristol, I think it was the second night of the tour. We had our best reaction there, there seemed to be quite a few kids that wanted to see us. It’s our first time here so it’s just cool to see that, we’ve never played here before and there are actually people who liked us.

You’re playing Slamdunk festival at the end of May, are there any bands you’re looking forward to checking out?
Yeah, a lot of our friend’s bands are playing there from the US that we were just on tour with. Man Overboard and Tonight Alive, we just played like a month and a half tour with them, so it will be fun to go hang out with them again – in a different country.

You’re also playing Warped Tour in the summer, have you played before and how does it differ from UK festivals?
I never played a show at Warped tour, but it’s really hot I guess, the weather is pretty brutal. Most of the US during the summer is brutal, it’s like a desert or it’s really humid. So I guess the weather would be a lot different. I feel like the crowd would be different too just because there is a difference between US kids and UK kids, in weird ways, that I can’t really describe. It will be a little bit different, but I’m sure it will be fun. It’s a big deal in the summer because it’s so long and it goes to pretty much every city in the US.

So you released a new album last year, Safe for Now how do you feel it went down?
It was good. It was our first full length and I was really proud of all the work and how it turned out. I think a lot of people liked it, and it introduced us to a new group of people who hadn’t heard our band before that suddenly liked our album.

How do you think your work has progressed since your earlier music?
Well we have a different guitarist now; Jeff, he’s really good. He’s one of the best guitarists I know. It’s fun for me because I play guitar too – to play with him and feed off his energy and kind of mash our guitars together. So it’s a lot more fun now, than it was two years ago when we first started. We’ve grown and we’re a lot more comfortable with each other.

Any plans for new music in the near future?
Yeah we are probably going to write some new music this fall. We’re not sure what tours we’re going to do towards the end of the year, but we’ll probably do some more touring in the US and then make it back here maybe early next year, if everything goes well, we’ll see.

Using one sentence why should people check out The American Scene?
We just try to be really honest, we’re not trying to play to a specific genre, we’re just jamming out, so if you like that sort of music I would check us out; we like hanging out and having fun.

Many thanks to Chris for taking the time to chat to us. You can check out The American Scene and their upcoming tour dates at:


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