Hit The Deck festival saw a hugely diverse range of bands pass through their doors this year, Landscapes being one of them. A hardcore punk band from Somerset with an ever growing fan base, it would seem they’re always on the go. We took the time to sit down with vocalist Shaun Milton to discuss Hit The Deck, touring and the possibilities of a new album.

By Jade Daly

First of all, can you tell us a little bit about the band?
We’re a hardcore punk band from Southwest in Somerset, that’s about it really. We’re just another band, and there are hundreds of bands here today; so we’re in the minority.

Would you say your work has any major influences?
Yeah, anything from The Cure to Bjork, Go It Alone to Modern Life, there is a massive range. As a collective it would be Go It Alone because when we first started, that was what we were listening to. That’s what we wanted to sound like, we were writing songs that sounded [pretty much] like a complete rip off of them, obviously not now, but that was our main intention. We wanted to be a sick band like that, that was it and the next thing we knew we were practicing.  They had a huge impact on us as a band.

So you seem to get around quite a bit, have you done many other festivals?
We’ve done a fair few festivals, but I wouldn’t say we are a ‘festival band’, we are a touring band.  We’ve done big festivals in Europe, down in Czech Republic we did Fluff Festival which was mind blowing, it was huge, bigger than I ever could have imagined we would reach.

Do you have many plans for the summer?
We have a tour with Polar Bear Club at the end of May but that’s just in the UK. It’s surrounding Slamdunk festival.  We’re not playing Slamdunk, but we will be playing the other dates with them. We have a confirmed tour with a band called Counterparts, that’s a Canadian tour. We did the Ghost Inside tour with Stray From the Path and Bury Tomorrow two months ago. We went straight into Europe after that to do a tour with Counterparts, through Germany down to Italy. We hit it off really well with them, it was perfect. They have a similar sound to us and they were the coolest guys. They are really young but they’ve got the right head on them, they know what they are doing and they know how to keep it professional. We both drew in the same crowds, it was perfect. There wasn’t a feeling of one’s a smaller band, even though they are a lot bigger than us, it just felt like we were on mutual ground. Half way through the tour they asked us if we’d be interested in coming out to Canada for a tour with them.  I’ve got family in Canada as well so it’s a bonus for me.

Have you checked any bands out at Hit The Deck today?
I’ve checked out Whirr. It’s all been on the stealth stage to be honest; It’s pitch black in there the moment you walk in. Our boys in Departures, I watched them before I came up here, I caught a little bit of Hand Of Mercy, and they were on straight after. They were really good but I couldn’t watch all of them. I’ve never been to this festival before to be honest, I didn’t even know about it, but I hear it’s a good festival and we had fun yesterday. I prefer this lay out, I think Bristol was a bit too spaced out.  The venues are like fifteen minutes apart from each other, so you couldn’t really stagger where you wanted to watch, but this is like one unit so works out perfectly.

Are there any plans for new music in the future?
Yeah, at the moment we are re-releasing Life Gone Wrong because we’ve run out of copies. We are striking up a new deal because we have ended our deal with City of Gold, because of a numerous issues – everyone knows about them so I won’t talk about that now. So we’re taking on a new deal and with that new deal comes a new album, which we will look into recording at the end of this year. It will probably be released around about February next year.

 Many thanks to Shaun for taking the time to chat to us. You can keep up-to-date with Landscapes via:

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