Death in Texas-120-2


Death In Texas are a progressive pop three-piece, originally formed in New Zealand.

Ruth [piano/lead vocals] and Kane [drums/vocals] met in music school and bonded over their polarised musical tastes. Ruth’s classical piano training was at odds with Kane’s hardcore punk and metal background. Opposites attract, they say.

Unwilling to conform to, and feeling trapped by a small local scene, the pair moved to the UK to seek their fortunes with the sole purpose of establishing a band that would make exhilarating progressive alt/pop.

Bassist Terry Blake joined the husband and wife team to complete a guitarless trio to explore the darker side of pop with the feel of a wide screen road movie. It’s grandiose, over the top and cinematic. Just when you think you have them sussed, they take a left turn and sweep you off your feet.​

Most recently, the band released their new single and video for ‘Oil & The Water‘:

The band will be touring the UK throughout 2013 in support of a string of single releases produced by The Animal Farm.

For more information – head to:


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