Reviewed by Adam Smith

The Rescue Rooms is packed out tonight for the arrival of one of the UK’s most popular and divisive alternative bands.

Bring Me The Horizon are hardly an emerging outfit, as they’ve been making waves in the British and American scenes for some while now, but the fact they sold out this “special” date  – despite it only being announced a week ago – shows they’re ready to make a monumental step up and, with stunning new album “Sempiternal“, they have done just that.

Opening with the thunderous “Shadow Moses”, frontman Oli Sykes’ presence is met with screams from dozens of teenagers, while older fans nod their heads in appreciation, highlighting the wide range of the band’s fan base.

Sonically, Bring Me The Horizon are on great form and Sykes’s delivery comes with more conviction than in the past, with “Alligator Blood” inciting a circle pit spanning the width of the venue.

Nevertheless, it is the band’s newer material that truly shines tonight. “Empire (Let Them Sing)” sounds particularly explosive and BMTH seem more motivated than ever before, performing in a professional manner that was unthinkable in their days as deathcore also-rans.

With a set clocking in at exactly an hour, the only complaint is that the Sheffield metallers didn’t play longer, but tonight is sure to be the last time they’ll be playing in such modest surroundings and, with the truly spectacular Sempiternal, BMTH are heading towards much, much bigger confines.


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