Reviewed by Bec Hennessy

Post Rock. Is that a dirty word? Instrumental, ambient rock or whatever you want to call it, is – in the words of Zoolander’s Mugatu –  “So hot right now”. I’m fairly new to this genre. But I discovered Mogwai (yeah okay so I’m a bit slow) and more recently sleepmakeswaves.

I’m enamoured by how it manages to be both sparse yet dense. Pretty, yet foreboding – all without uttering a word.  Kind of like the opening shot of some post-apocalyptic movie. A crisp sunny winters day shot of a lush field. But you know come nightfall it’s crawling with the undead.

Texas outfit This Will Destroy You bring some post-apocalyptic-movie-outro-music (my vote for new genre name) to our shores for the first time. Brisbane’s The Zoo is an appropriate venue. Dim, stuffy. Claustrophobic. Just enough bar stools to barricade the stairs against zombie hordes.A small but loyal following huddle respectfully. A rumbling of guitars slowly stalks into the room, drawing everyone close.  Whilst a pretty melody winds in around it and continues to snake charm the crowd. Soon its prey is shaken by the rising crescendo that crashes onto the shores of these eager ears. Each song tiptoes up to it’s riff then tumbles down, then comes back to dance around it’s corpse.  These guys can do no wrong by this crowd as far as I can see. The guitars are abrasive and energetically thrashed at times, though there is not much in the way of stage movement.

To be honest I wasn’t enthralled with their stage presence. But maybe that’s the ‘gaze in the ‘doomgaze’ tag they (possibly tongue in cheek-ishly?) have suggested for themselves. But I can get over that, one of my favourite performers stands at the back preferably behind a screen. But here’s where I struggled: The haunting melodies didn’t haunt me, they were pretty but I wanted lush and sweeping. The crescendos were distorted and hard, but I wanted crushing and heartbreaking. I guess I was the only one, as during their set there was much head nodding and in the very few breaks a healthy amount of applause.

Personally I felt TWDY were upstaged by a support act by the name of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. A delicious anarchy of instrumental piano jam noise rock. Beautiful, jarring and energetic. Front piano-man both headbangingly rocked those ivories then caressed their voodoo spirits.

Anyway, go check out TWDY.  Convince me I’m wrong. Or discover Tangled Thoughts and thank me instead.



  1. Nice review. TToL were great on the night for sure. TWDY were better on the Friday night in Melbourne than at this Brisbane gig, partly because of the tech issues in Brisbane. On Friday they were crushing and heartbreaking without a doubt. Also in Melbourne they played Mighty Rio Grande which they didn’t do in Brisbane, but Brisbane got Grandfather Clock.

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