Esper promo Cannonball couch

Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what? 
Sarah Statham – Vocals and guitar
Kirsty Morton – Guitar
Rebecca Jane – Bass
Lou Brinn – Drums and vocals

Describe your sound and lyric style
We enjoy the challenge of balancing dynamic, vibrant hooks with more delicate textures. Our current release ‘Shed Some Light‘ is one of our more instantly grabbable songs and I guess like most bands each song pulls at different parts of the ‘rock and experimental guitar music’ spectrum, in the way the guitars and bass bounce off each other against rhythm, melody and harmony.
In terms of lyrics I’ve found that a lot of what I write comes from observing the imbalance and injustices in everyday life. It’s fascinating to witness cultures crossing over in so many ways but at the same time people are pulling further and further apart from each other. It’s an odd and unsettling time!
At the minute we’re putting together our next release and when stepping back from it alienation and public blindsiding whether by print, word of mouth, television, music or a collective whatever, are two overarching themes in the songs which seem to have found themselves sat next to each other.

Who are your main influences? What else inspires you?
Not all we agree on (and I don’t claim to speak for the other members here at risk of getting in trouble for misrepresentation!) but some of the bands we enjoy listening to, watching and drawing from in some way whether musically, ethically (or both) include Silversun Pickups, …Trail of Dead, Thrice, Plank!, Alexisonfire, Smashing Pumpkins and Minus the Bear.

Above all in terms of what helps and supports us is The Leeds scene as an inspirational and encouraging, humble network of people. Rebecca and I went to the Brudenell Social Club a gig to see local bands Humanfly/These Monsters/Monster Killed By Lazer play recently and must have recognised at least twenty/thirty people from bands based in the city. There’s always a variety of gigs caterered for every taste, or independent festival going on (such as the proper dapper British Wildlife @britishwildlife this March). The Leeds Music Hub (@leedsmusichub) has been open for less than a year but has already become a valuable resource; bringing together like-minded musicians and music fans from all genres for record clubs, industry seminars and workshops.

We like to keep our bodies and brains active outside of music and Esper Scout HQ (Hut57) is very close to the Leeds-Liverpool canal which is perfect for cycling (swerving children and dodging dogs). Catching the train for a walk in the moors isn’t a day wasted either.

What are you working on now?
We’re currently self-demoing our next release which is being recorded in spring with our friend Paul Crompton, who co-produced Gaps in the Border Fence / In Foreign with us. Aiming for a release later this year it’ll be five brand new songs and a reworking of one we’ve been playing for a while. Me, Rebecca and Kirsty are hopping over to the States for a month in May so we’re hoping to do some open mics over there. I might take to the drums for a couple of songs and try to juggle beats and vocals whilst Kirsty plays both of our guitar parts with her hands, feet and teeth. Thinking about it we could maybe Gaffa a photo of Lou and a bit of wood to Rebecca’s headstock for some help with cymbal hits…

Are you touring now? What can people expect at your live gigs?
Not Woodstock Festival have asked us to play in July which is ace as it’s set at Featherstone Castle, 3 miles south of Hadrian’s Wall. We’ll be taking sunglasses and running shoes. As well as booking Leeds and Manchester gigs for April onwards there are plans to head south in September for dates in London, Brighton and a couple of places in between.

There’s really nothing more important to us than playing live and it’s been rewarding to see a growth in people coming to our gigs in Leeds. We make the effort to put on our own nights and all seem to have been the best received in terms of positive vibes and crowd size. Most recently our quietly emergant music promotion label ‘Bomb the Twist’ went bumper to bumper with Clue Records (@cluerecords) to put on a night with British Racing Green and our friends Kassassin Street from Portsmouth. Plenty of smiling faces, nodding heads and chorus collaborators went home happy.

Where can people check out your music?
Our latest single ‘Shed Some Light’ is available for free download at www.esperscout.com
Videos and links to social networking bits and bobs are clickable there too.
There’s an exclusive B-Side – Hit it Hard (Live ’12) at http://www.esperscout.bandcamp.com as well which we recorded during our time in the studio for Gaps in the Border Fence / In Foreign.


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