Reviewed by Emma Dean

LA’s Falling Still are not your typical hipster rockers. Formerly of Ohio, the trio have a solid back catalogue and have worked with some of the best names in the business. Their self-titled EP is their latest offering of quirky and hard-hitting rock that refuses to be pigeonholed.

Bluesy opening track ‘If U Stay’ gets straight to the point with the lyrics “If you stay we will fornicate”. Heavy and intense, the song wails of stolen innocence to catchy guitar licks.

Stupid Girl’ slows down the pace a bit, showing that the band like to mix things up and refuse to be monotonous. If you can check out the music video for this you should – a love story with a black humour twist ending that will either leave you horrified or in stitches.

Laid to Waste’ and ‘Thin Lizzy’ are poppier, anthemic. Eric Podnar’s vocals are deep and scraping to perfection. ‘Wolves’ and ‘Hollywood Forever’ continue to showcase their energy and unpredictability.

The EP has been excellently produced by Michael Parnin (Rage Against the Machine), truly capturing the spirit of the band’s live set. I look forward to seeing what else these guys come up with.



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