Hydra Melody
Introduce yourselves – where are you from and who plays what?
Jordan Berlanga – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jason Harari – Bass/Vocals
Justin Berlanga – Keyboard/Vocals
Taylor Ferguson – Lead Guitar
Matt Gomez – Drums
Manuel Prince – Percussion/Congas

We all hail from San Antonio, except for Jason, who was born in Mexico City

How would you describe your sound and style?
A progressive fusion of latin/jazz and pop/rock. We all have different backgrounds in music, it gives a lot of room to shape songs and our sound.

You’ll be heading along to SXSW 2013 – what are you looking forward to most?
We are excited to make new connections with people first off, its great to meet people from all spectrums of the industry. We also love to make new fans. We are not only excited to play, but also check out some amazing musicians from around the world!

What are you hoping to take away from attending this year?
We want to push Hydra Melody hard and get as many ears as we can to listen to us. This includes handing out CDs and networking with as many people as we can.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received [or given] to “take on” SXSW?
Surprisingly enough we were in Atlanta for DRIVEN Music Festival and we ended up getting on a show with Tracii Guns from LA Guns. He loved our set and ended up telling us  “Keep it tight, but not too tight”

Are there any other bands you are looking forward to seeing?
Local Natives, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Black Taxi, Joseph King (Deadbeat Darling) to name a few. We are also excited to to discover new bands! SXSW is such a great place to just walk around and discover INCREDIBLE talent!

Where can people catch your sets at SXSW?
3-13 Dirty Fest @ Dirty Dog Bar 12:45PM (21+)

3-13 Jivewired Showcase @ The 311 Club 7:15PM (21+)
3-14 AEMMP Records Showcase @ Bat Bar 1:00PM (21+)
3-14 Dejaset Showcase @ Hyde Park Grill 9:15PM (ALL AGES)
3-15 Eye In The Sky Showcase @ Shiner’s Saloon 11:00PM (21+)
3-16 Tinderbox Music Showcase @ Dizzy Rooster 9:00PM (21+)

Alternatively, for those not attending this year – where can our readers check out your music?

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