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Introduce yourselves – where are you from and who plays what?
Maurice Martin
– Vocals from Conneaut, Ohio
Charlie Trenta– Guitars from Akron, Ohio.

How would you describe your sound and style?
Charlie: Winslow is described as soul rock, but it is a mix of the many different influences from all 6 members.

You’ll be heading along to SXSW 2013 – what are you looking forward to most?
Charlie:I’m looking forward most to playing our showcases, but being around that much music and creativity is always an awesome vibe…the van ride should be interesting too!

Maurice: I completely agree.. I think we are all just looking forward to being surrounded by musicians and music lovers It will be great to showcase and better to just meet as many people as possible I mean. I tend to like people haha

What are you hoping to take away from attending this year?
Maurice: A million dollars? Major record deal? I think I’d like to drive away in a brand new car. Can we make that happen? If not, I think I just want to walk away with a good experience and hopefully some nice media/fan buzz.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received [or given] to “take on” SXSW?
Charlie: Just to have a good time and enjoy it! We will make the most of this opportunity.

Maurice: Yep, same here. A few people said expect the unexpected and to be sure to not leave anything on the stage. That is pretty normal for us. We’re just going to go throw down and have a blast.

Are there any other bands you are looking forward to seeing?
Maurice: We are pretty pumped about the Cleveland Rocks Showcase There are some bands like Bethesda and others who are just out there grinding trying to help put Ohio on the map. I think we are all looking forward to that.

Charlie: Definitely looking forward to seeing the other bands on the Cleveland Rocks Showcase.

Where can people catch your sets at SXSW?
Maurice: Thursday ,March 14th at Amped during the Red Gorilla Music Fest. 7pm for that one. Friday March 15th at the Tiniest Bar in Texas during the Cleveland Rocks Showcase – that will be at 5:30pm

Alternatively, for those not attending this year – where can our readers check out your music?
Maurice: You can find us online at, @winslowsoul on twitter, itunes, amazon…

Maybe in your dreams too…if you have awesome dreams.



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