Introduce yourselves – where are you from and who plays what?
DAVID: Hi, I’m David

OLIVIA: … and I’m Olivia. We’re a duo from Huntington Beach, California.
DAVID: I play guitar and we both sing.

How would you describe your sound and style?
DAVID: We tend to gravitate toward American roots music like Country, Blues and Gospel in our songwriting. There’s this very honest and heartfelt dynamic within the music that lends itself nicely to our voices.
OLIVIA: Our style would be best described as clean and classic with a touch of melancholy sweetness.

You’ll be heading along to SXSW 2013 – what are you looking forward to most?
OLIVIA: Being immersed in the pulse of music today. There is nothing more exciting than being surrounded by passionate artists and the people that love them.
DAVID: The chaos of it all is inviting.

What are you hoping to take away from attending this year?
DAVID: Good times, better friends and Texas BBQ stains on my shirts.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received [or given] to “take on” SXSW?
OLIVIA: I read on a fortune cookie recently, “Embrace it all with open arms and you’ll surely gain a whole lot of good.” I assumed it was advice for SXSW. Seemed sound enough to me.

Are there any other bands you are looking forward to seeing?
DAVID: Yes, definitely. Really looking forward to seeing Rayland Baxter, Sea Wolf, The Devil Makes Three and Chuck Ragan. I heard Emmylou was in town — that would be classic. We also have some friends from Orange County making some noise around town like Micah Brown, Yellow Red Sparks, Annie McQueen and Robert John & The Wreck. Can’t wait!

Where can people catch your sets at SXSW?
DAVID: We are playing a FREE noon-ish showcase on the rooftop of The Blind Pig on Thursday, March 14th.  More showcases to be added at:

Alternatively, for those not attending this year – where can our readers check out your music?
OLIVIA: We just posted a teaser video on our website ( with exclusive in-studio content and a first listen to a single from our debut record, On The Sea.  We’re really excited to release more music as we get closer to the record releasing on May 14th!

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