This Will Destroy You are an American instrumental band hailing from Texas. Having had their music featured in the 2011 film ‘Moneyball’, guitarist Jeremy Galindo chatted to us about how they came to write instrumental music and what makes them different and hitting Australian shores for the first time.
By Mark Plummer

How did you all come together to start This Will Destroy You?
Most of us met during high school. Ray and I started our first band together when we were 12 and Chris came in around 2001 I believe. Andrew took over drums a couple years after that. We started TWDY in February of 2004, then Donovan and Alex came in. It’s been a long journey.
Most of the music people hear on the radio is lyrical. What made you decide to go down the opposite route?
When we first started writing for TWDY, we did have vocals. They didn’t work out well at all, so we decided to try everything instrumental. The first song we kept as an instrumental band was ‘The World is Our ______’ and just continued to write that way ‘till ‘Young Mountain’ was completed.
Vocals are usually the forefront of most bands to get what they’re trying to say across. Does having to do this with just your instruments present any challenges?
I really don’t think we look at it that way anymore. When I think of vocals, I really just hear the melody, not necessarily the words. It makes it easier to translate those kind of melodies to instruments.
What influences do you draw upon when writing your music?
I think a lot of what we write depends on our mental state during the time we are working on a song. Film, environment, and other music plays a huge role as well.
Is there anything unique about your band that sets you apart from others in the same genre?
We are constantly learning more and more about manipulating tones and instruments to bring in new sounds. We’re always excited when a new piece of equipment comes in, and we can see how far we can push it to create something new. I don’t think we’ll ever have an album that sounds like the ones before it.
Are there any plans for a follow up to your 2011 album Tunnel Blanket?
We are writing right now actually. We do have a live album coming out soon. Hopefully we can have the next LP ready by the end of the year.
A lot of your tracks are more than six or seven minutes in length, do you feel that an album longer than an hour would be overkill?
We don’t write with time restrictions. Very rarely, we’ll finish writing a song and think that a part drags out a little too long, so we will shorten it. But we couldn’t care less if a song is 2 minutes long or 20. If it feels right, it feels right.
You have a fair amount of critical acclaim from your studio releases, does this add any additional pressure to recording future releases and maintaining that positive feedback?
We try not to worry about that. We just want to keep making music and hope people like it.
You’re hitting up Australia for the first time, how excited are you to be exploring new territory for the band?
We’re all very excited. We’ve been wanting to get over there for years and are stoked that it’s finally happening.
Are there any bands that you’d love the chance to tour with?
I’m sure I could list hundreds… But personally my dream tour would be with My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.
Many thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to chat to us.
This Will Destroy You tour Australia in March:
March 19 @ The Zoo, Brisbane 
March 20 @ Annandale Hotel, Sydney 
March 21 @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 
March 22 @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 
March 23 @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth 
March 24 @ Crown and Anchor, Adelaide

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