Midlake is an American folk-rock band hailing from Denton, Texas. Formed by a collective of jazz musicians, the band has spent the better part of 10 years connecting with fans and music lovers alike with their unique brand of music. Recently being added to the lineup for SXSW 2013, we sat down with guitarist Eric Pulido to talk fashion, feather boas and Justin Beiber.

By Luke Monks

Hi there, member of Midlake! I heard that you’re off to South By South West this year and in hopes that you can tap into some kind of folk-rock-psychedelia prophecy mode, I was hoping that you could answer these questions . . .

Which band member is going to do something that has the longest lasting impression on them, good or bad?
Wow, thats a tough one. But my gut reaction is Eric Nichelson. He will fall upon a day party being drawn in by the smell of sweet BBQ. He will taste this delicacy and promptly ask to speak to the chef. When the chef presents himself, Eric realizes its his long lost twin and he faints in shock. When he awakes he’s sitting in the chair of a tattoo parlor next to his twin getting tattoos of each other’s face. They’re fraternal.

Who will attract the most amount of attention from the fans – and part B of the question, have you had any ‘problems’ with over-enthused fans in the past?
I’m thinking that my new ‘shirtless w/ pink boa’ look will merit the most amount of attention…thus making part b a reality that has never really existed in the past.

At what point of SXSW will you be having the most memorable time – will it be on stage, watching a stage or possibly eating some really good Tex-Mex food?
D. None of the Above (rather, drinking a tasty beverage surrounded by friends of past, present, and future!)

Which band is going to make you tell your buddies – “you just have to check [BAND NAME] out”? Feel free to rephrase that, of course.
I’m sure there are several great acts playing SXSW that I would recommend to friends and strangers alike, but to try and populate my own show I plan to act as a fan telling other’s to check out this amazingly bearded folk crooner. And for friends who I can’t fool, I will bribe them with beer.

Are you at any point going to get lost in the crowd and have a wonderful adventure – if so, please speculate in brief as to the outline of this experience.
Yes. It involves The Flaming Lips, confetti, and a bottle of whiskey. The rest is a bit ‘off-limits’

Now, on a more practical (okay, personal) level, here are some things that my good pals and me have been wondering for a while now . . 

How come we can’t get Midlake T-shirts so as to show everyone that we like your band without inviting them over for coffee and encouraging them to get really comfortable on the couch whilst listening to the discography?
Come to Denton, I’ll give you a shirt! We will have new ones later this year when we unleash the new fleet of merch table thingamabobs.

Do you have any plans of ever returning to Australia? If so, what preparations will you undertake in readiness for dealing with the deadly plant and animal life known to inhabit the Great Southern Land? Would you say that visiting this dire continent has at all shaped the songwriting that you have since engaged in?
Yes, we love it there. And the plants and animal life just might be the subject matter in some small way of future songwriting.

Speaking of songwriting, when will there be a follow up to The Courage Of Others? Do you find that factors external to or within the band have the heaviest influence on creating a record?
We hope to birth the forthcoming record later this year. Its a combination of influence. We are influenced musically by where we’ve been but also by lots of different bands and artists of past and present. Regardless, we always try to retain a sound that is our own.

What was the last book you read, film you watched and beverage you drank? Apologies if that is a touch creepy.
The Giving Tree, Justin Beiber: Never Say Never, Boxed Wine


Many thanks for Eric for taking the time to chat to us. Special thanks also to our guest interviewer Luke Monks.
You can find out more information about Midlake at:


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