Wolves At Bay - I Was The Devil Once

By Emma Dean

Post-hardcore rockers Wolves At Bay are a refreshing take on the genre – blending anguish, anger and depression into their latest EP I Was The Devil Once.

First track Hide Like My Friends is riff-heavy yet soulful, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. The stand out track is second song Know Why. The song is full of self doubt and angst – punctuated by the thumping bass and William Hayes heartbreaking vocals. Blurring the line between hope and hopelessness Know Why is ultimately cathartic, allowing Hayes and the listener to vent their anguishes.

Forget Who I Was takes the pace down a little bit, edging closer to a classic punk rock/emo sound than the first two tracks, whilst Still Afraid showcases some excellent skills from guitarist Kevin Rodriguez. 

Hollow is a truly haunting track, the guitars chillingly reminiscent of something off HIM’s Venus Doom, the vocals soaring. Mixed into the end of the song is a soft and haunting quote from the film Looper, accentuated by scraping riffs and leading perfectly into title track I Was The Devil Once.




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