Something with Numbers

Reviewed by Emma Dean

Tonight was a long time coming for Something With Numbers fans, but the band are finally back headlining shows for the first time in four years. Side projects aside (check out Maniac), the boys and their unique take on rock were greatly missed during their hiatus and it was such a relief to hear that they’re back with a new album and single to boot.

Opening the night were baby faced eighties rocker-esque Dirty Little Rebels and local act, Thieves. Both were young and full of energy, throwing themselves around the stage with dirty riffs and quirky electric violins respectively. But the night was for SWN and by the time the lights faded on Thieves’ set the punters had jam-packed the venue.

Taking the stage, front man Jake Grigg summed up the feeling in the room with one sentence – “Something With Numbers are BACK motherfuckers!” (add your own “Fuck yeah!”) – before diving into ‘Chase the Chaser’. Much to the bands amusement fans threw granny panties at them all night, as Grigg threw himself around the stage with his usual enthusiasm and trademark dance moves.

New single ‘We Kill The Weekend’ was up next, with Grigg promising the crowd that for every new song they played it would be followed by a well known one. Their latest track is refreshing and catchy, a promising look at the new album Eleven Eleven coming out later this year.

The set was the perfect balance of new and old, including the soulful ‘Goodbye Mickey Finn’, raucous ‘What Is This?’, ‘Against the Wind’ and crowd favourites ‘Apple of the Eye (Lay Me Down)’ and ‘We’ll Fight’. The newer tracks seemed softer than their previous work – my favourite of these being the infectious ‘Touch the Moon’.

Powering through the set the band showed that not only have they not lost their touch, but that they are getting better and better. Dancing with fans on the stage, breaking up fights with a mere nod, receiving an impromptu kiss from a fan and even more granny panties from the crowd, Grigg had the audience in the palm of his hand.

After joking with the crowd that he hoped that he could remember the lyrics to the next song ‘Stay With Me Bright Eyes’ (there may’ve been some mumbling of lyrics at the start), the night ended with Griggs “getting his rap on” with the bands amusing Triple J mash up cover of Kings of Leon’s ‘Sex on Fire’ and Cypress Hill’s ‘Hits from the Bong’ – aka ‘Sex From the Bong’.

Welcome back boys!


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