American post-hardcore veterans, Senses Fail, are back with a new album, Renacer, due out at the end of March.  Having been a band to take note of since debut album Let It Enfold You, Senses Fail have decided to re-write themselves and show just how important the growth and maturity of a band is. We spoke to vocalist Buddy Nielsen to talk about the new album and find out what sets it apart from other albums in the same scene.

 By Mark Plummer

Your new album Renacer is due out in March, what helped inspire the writing process?
That is a pretty loaded question and is very hard to answer in a short amount of words. Many things influenced the process but mainly it was to reinvent the band and move forward from what we where into what we wanted to be.

The album title translates from Spanish to English as “re-born”, is this reflected in the music and how you wanted the album to come across?

Yes absolutely. The name reflects the music and vice verse. Everything surrounding this record was done on purpose and with thought, nothing was just slapped together or winged.

Your first four albums were all released via Vagrant, how does it feel to be without them for Renacer?
The label we are on is part of Vagrant.

It’s been a long time since the release of your first and second albums, do these earlier releases influence your writing style and the sound you aim to achieve?
Nope, not at all. Those songs mind as well have been written by different people. Can anyone really say they are the same person at 28 as they were at 18? If you can that is sort of sad, or at a least I find it to be.

There will always be those hardcore fans who love From The Depths Of Dreams and Let It Enfold You and would want to see a return to the style that Senses Fail was producing back then. Does writing a new album present challenges in appealing to your whole fan base as well as maturing as a band?
In the past it has, on this latest record we weren’t concerned with the past. The band as the fans know it is over. We will never write songs like our EP or first LP because we will never be 18 and 19 years old. It is impossible for a musician to recreate something that happened in a specific time period. It is unfortunate when fans don’t grow with a band but it happens. I won’t apologize to people who are upset with the change and I won’t hold it against them for being upset or not liking the new music. In the end we make music for ourselves.

Mi Amor seems a bold choice for a lead single, considering that it’s mostly sung in Spanish. Was there a certain element of risk to this?
Yes there was. I think we have spent most of our time in this band not taking any risks and I wanted to change that. Given that we are older and in a different head space, we no longer worry as much about being accepted or appeasing people. We wrote the song because we wanted to and this is how it came out. However people find it, is how they find it, we can’t control that. I also think it is important to be polarizing. I wanted to put a song out there that would be loved by people but also one that would question what this record and what the future of the band would be. I know that is a little dramatic but I really didn’t want to play it safe this time.

Will there be any more songs written in Spanish on Renacer?


What strikes you as the most fundamentally unique part of your new album?
The mix between the spacey parts and the heavy, yet also still having choruses. I also think it is unique that the record is very heavy yet the lyrics are all very positive. I know a lot of hardcore bands do that but not very many bands in this specific scene do. I am not really sure what is unique about any music anymore, it is all sort of a blend of different styles and the way it is delivered is what makes it unique. Not 100% sure how comfortable I am in saying that this is unique or not. I just know I am proud of it.


is available from March 26th, 2013 and is currently available to pre-order. You can catch Senses Fail on tour through out the US from April 3rd to May 11th and May 18th to June 1st in the UK where they will also be playing Slam Dunk Festival.


Many thanks to Buddy for taking the time to chat to us. For more information about upcoming tour dates, check out:



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