With applications for BigSound 2013 now officially open – it’s time for local and international acts to start thinking about the best ways to maximise their conference experience.

How do I apply? What should I say about my band? What things should I avoid? What expectations should I have?

These are all commonly asked questions – for which we’ve thrown together a three-part series to help artists make the most of the BigSound experience.

This time around, we’ve enlisted the help of BigSound attendee and 2012 showcasing artist John Meyer [The Good Ship] to provide musicians with some first-hand advice on submitting your application for 2013:

– Showcasing at BigSound Live is a competitive process. With only 120 bands officially selected to take part in the two-day conference – bands need to ensure that they are putting their absolute best foot forward when sending in their application.

– Writing your application is a lot like applying for a job – you want the reader to see exactly what you have been doing, how well you’ve been doing it, and what other people have to say about you. With this in mind, focus on your bands achievements, your current and future plans and demonstrate how the BigSound experience will benefit you in the short and long-term.

– Don’t bullshit, be honest about what you’ve achieved.

– Organisers want an act that is fresh and exciting – so if you haven’t done anything in the last two years and have no future plans to, there is a good chance you won’t be considered.

– Are you in the process of recording or releasing an album or EP? Let the selectors know! Give them a timeframe of when and where you will be releasing it. The more information you can provide, the better.

– List clear objectives, e.g. “We are at the stage where we need to secure management/booking agent/publicist”, or “we are ready to push into the US market” – but make it a realistic goal given your current activity/status

–  Show that you understand the current music landscape/scene and how you fit in, potential for audience etc

–  Finally, ask yourself whether it’s the right time. Don’t blow it too early, you might be better off waiting.


Many thanks to John for taking the time to contribute. More information about applying for BigSound can be found at: http://www.qmusic.com.au/bigsound/2013/


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