Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what?

Andy: If you were to take a hurricane, add in a dash of earthquake and a splash of tsunami.  Finish it off with a strong ray of sun light and you get close to our sound.

Our lyric style is that of shedding light onto dark areas of life, we also write about situations that we find ourselves in and how we are all part of a system that is corrupt – light up the darkness.

Mark: We’ve all been in bands for as long as we care to remember, so the sound we make is an amalgamation of the experience of each of us. With influences ranging from the grunge days of the 90’s up to and including Skrillex. There’s a pretty large scope of influence resonating within Super73. One thing we don’t want to do is end up typically generic sounding. You’ll know it’s us, but it won’t sound like the last one.

Lyrically for me, You should take out of it what’s important for you. If it means something to you, or you can relate to it, then all the better.

Rob:  Like what Andy described, we have a massive sound that hits you hard, but within that there are subtleties. We utilise the loud/quiet dynamic to great effect and don’t even get me started on the riffs. BIG riffs.

Mark: Big BIG Riffs. One’s that get inside your head. And tenderly kiss your frontal lobe, before tearing through the skull teeth first. Yeah, Big Riffs.

Stevo: The sound of a million footsoldiers marching together, a big unified wall of noise is my take on proceedings!

Who are your main influences? What else inspires you?

Andy: Foo Fighters, Cars On Fire, Fightstar, 30 Seconds To Mars, Reuben, Frank Turner.

Other influences, outside of the music world involves; The Zeitgeist Movement, The Church Of Anonymous, Truth Seekers and….. Life.

Mark: For me, each other. We all bring something to the table, and it’s a sudden riff that shows it’s face that makes my hair stand up on end, then, each of us craft our personality and our experience into it, and it becomes it’s own entity, a Behemoth if you will.

I’m personally with Andy on the whole “This world is corrupt” and I think more people in the public eye should at least TRY to get people thinking about the reasons for that and the implications that come with it. We’re not a political Band. But as an individual, something wicked this way comes. 

Rob: No Fightstar for me [laughs] – Led Zep, Nirvana, Placebo, Frank Turner, Million Dead, Biffy Clyro, Weezer, Liam Frost… I could probably list 50+ bands that i love and have inspired me is some shape, way or form, maybe not in the way you’d expect either.

Stevo: The list can be as long as your arm, if your arm is exceedingly long. A few that influence me personally would be John Frusciante,Soundgarden,Jimi Hendrix,The Beatles,John Mayer,The Grateful Dead and many more ranging from jazz through to rock and country. Very into synth based stuff at the moment being as though John Frusciante’s new album is out and is cool as ****.

What are you working on now?

Andy: We are currently working on our next single releases over the next 12 months, and making sure our live show is awesome!

Mark: We’re spending alot of time in Studio73,  splitting our time between the set, and crafting these big new songs. Also spending time thinking about how we want to move forward, there’s no disillusion of “Taking over the world” as big massive rock stars, we’re in this for the love of it first and foremost, if it was for the money, we’d have quit along time ago.

Stevo: We do this cause we love it and we’re always working on new tracks, we’re not too worried about taking over the world although that’s a nice thought. For me if we could ever get to a level where we could support ourselves through what we do without compromising (selling out) that would be ace.

Rob: A Beard. Come along to a gig and give it a stroke.

Are you touring now? When/where?

Andy: We are currently not touring but we hope to tour in the summer this year.

We currently have a couple of shows booked.  You can catch us at The Flapper in Birmingham on 3rd March, and at The Playhouse in Grantham on 16th March.

Mark: We will be out and about playing gigs, we’re trying to find the right places to find the right people who are interested in hearing new music, alot of people these days like to be spoon fed when it comes to who they like, or who’s trending, but there are people who like to make their own mind up

What can people expect at your live gigs?

Andy: We pride ourselves on our live show, you can expect it to be very loud!  You can also expect it to be a full show, not just a set.

Mark: Loud, that can be expected, we like our live set to differ from recordings, we like the idea of being interesting live, it’s why we exist at the end of the day, to actually play the music live, there’s a certain connection to the soul that you can’t get anywhere else.

Rob: Blood, sweat and tears. Well maybe replace tears with smiles, smiles of people having a great time.

Mark: Tears from those skull-splitting big riffs, smileytears, are they a thing?

Stevo: Massive sounds and catchy tunes, something to get you jumping. If you don’t like it loud that’s cool too, you can bring your earplugs.

Where can people check out your music?

You can find us on:






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