Legendary mid-80s rock quartet the Meat Puppets, today announced their much-anticipated return to the music scene – revealing details on not only the forthcoming album, but plans to tour in support of its release.

Rat Farm – hailed as the bands return to form – is set to be released through Megaforce Records on April 15th.

“It’s going to be real blown up folk music,” explains Curt about Rat Farm. “I tried to write stuff that would be kind of easy to learn and easy to play, try and get it to stand on its own that way – just the chords and the melodies, and play it kind of straight. I think that was the guiding boundaries that I gave myself.”

“I didn’t want to get too complicated,” adds Curt. “It was one of those things where a lot of times, in the past especially, Cris would go, ‘Well, that’s all there is? Let’s put a prog rock part in the middle.’ But I tried to hold it off as much as I could. I’m a lot of times trying to do that – be as simple as possible – because it tends to make something stick for me a little better, because I don’t have to think about it that much when I’m playing it. And that I might actually wind up playing it live at some point, which is what I’m trying to do. I made it a point to do that.”

Additionally, the band’s entire career has recently been recounted in book form, with the release of the must-read Too High to Die: Meet the Meat Puppets, which retells the band’s entire history. Assembled by journalist/Puppets fan Greg Prato, the book features recollections from its band members, as well as such admirers as Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Peter Buck (REM), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), and Henry Rollins (Black Flag/Rollins Band), among countless others, and pulls no punches in telling the band’s wild and wooly tale.

This far into their career, the Meat Puppets continue to offer inspired live performances and strong recordings that match up extremely well to their earlier classics. And as evidenced by Rat Farm and their upcoming live dates, you’ll soon have the opportunity to experience the power of the mighty Meats yourself.


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