Title Fight

Musical trends come and go, but the bands who stick around are the ones who eschew whatever’s popular in favor of playing the music that’s in their hearts—and Pennsylvania’s Title Fight are a perfect example of this. With only a few short weeks til the band make the trek to Australia, we sat down with bassist Ned Russin to chat about ‘Floral Green’, the best albums of 2012 and social media.

By Hannah Sebestjanowicz

With Floral Green released last year to rave reviews are there any plans for any new music in the near future or will you be concentrating on touring the majority of 2013?
We are going to keep writing but the goal for the year is to tour more.

Was the reaction to Floral Green something you expected?
Not at all. We put out “Head In the Ceiling Fan” first expecting immediate backlash, and honestly the positive response that we got from the song somehow followed us all the way to the release of the record.

You’re due to tour Australia in March, I believe it’s your second time over there, is there anything particular you are looking forward to?
We are looking forward to playing smaller venues and seeing new people, places, and things.

What were your favourite records of 2012?
There were a lot of cool records but my favourites off the top of my head are Free Spirit “Demo Songs”, Merchandise “Children Of Desire”, World War 4 “Demo”, Forgetters “forgetters”, and others.

2012 saw the break up of Basement and numerous other bands, on that note what were your highs and lows of 2012?
Highs were releasing “Floral Green” and our Japanese, European, and US headlining tour. Lows were losing some people.

Are there any bands that are exciting you right now?
Yeah of course. Merchandise, Life Of Reilly, Intent, Ancient Heads, etc.

If you could play a show with 3 other bands/artists dead or alive who would you want on the bill?
Cold World, Magnus, and Frostbite.

Your relentless touring must have some highs and lows, what have been your particular highlights and what are the things you miss most when you are on tour?
Highlights are always the shows themselves and then getting to see friends from far away places. Things I miss are Angelo’s Pizza, Sweet Treet, my own bed, and a normal sleep schedule amongst other things.

Social media and the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr can be huge platforms for bands to promote themselves and connect with fans, is this something you have embraced or is it more important for you to connect with kids at shows?
We have embraced it to the point that we have all of those things but we don’t really use it or care about it. We are not a band that lives on the internet. We play music first and foremost so that is always the most important thing. Not what we are eating or something.

Another platform for bands to get their music directly to fans is Bandcamp, what are your thoughts on that site?
I think the site is pretty cool I guess. They put up high quality songs and you can name your price if you choose.

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge resurgence in vinyl and people collecting records. Are any of you avid collectors and is the release of a physical product important for you as a band?
Yes and Yes. With the release of “Floral Green” I think you can tell. We went all out for that.


Many thanks to Ned for taking the time to chat to us. You can check out all upcoming tour dates at:


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