The Brothers Grim & The Blue Murders

Reviewed by Meghan Player

By now, there are few who don’t realise that Melbourne blues four-piece, the Brothers Grim & the Blue Murders are one of my favourite local acts. Always entertaining and never boring – the band have been steadily building a crowd of loyal fans across the country. So, when tonight’s single launch for ‘Been A While‘ was lined up in the calendar, there was little doubt as to how the night would proceed.

As the band takes to the stage, they demand the attention of every person in the room. Frontman James Grim‘s soulful howling and  flailings inspire the crowd to move their feet and become part of the show – not just meer spectators.

Treating the audience to both old favourites and teasers for the upcoming EP – due out later this year – the band never falters in energy, enthusiasm and generally reminding the crowd that your hips are there for shaking.

From the howling of the crowd during ‘Dirty Dog‘, the roaring ruckus of ‘Bound to Burn‘ to the sombre and slightly heartbreaking ‘Morning Light‘ – the band once again demonstrate their unquestionable versatility and variation in style and sound – proving to not just be one-trick ponies.

Perhaps the greatest part of the evening comes when you realise how far these guys have come since their debut, ‘A Year To Forget’. They have gotten louder, tighter and play together like a well-oiled machine – completely powered by their dedication and passion for their craft.

To quote the Godfather: “this is the path we’ve chosen” – and certainly, this band is on the right one.


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