Reviewed by Meghan Player

When The Bronx announced that a new album was imminent, there was little doubt at the level of feverish anticipation that fans experienced upon hearing the news. Thankfully, the wait is finally over, and The Bronx have made their welcome return to our speakers with the simply titled ‘IV‘.

From the moment the album opens with ‘The Unholy Hand‘, you are immediately thrown into the full, fist-pumping glory that is the Bronx. Frontman Matt Caughthran screams ‘..they’ve got you working on the weekdays, they’ve got you working on the weekends too..‘ – immediately calling the audience to arms with its anthematic stance.

Along For The Ride‘ matches its predecessors infectious rhythms to a ‘t’ – combining melodic verses with an instant sing-a-long chorus. Once again, it’s the lyricism that makes the track unbeatable. ‘’s not perfect, but it’s all we got..’ – creates a beautiful statement on not only accepting your place in the world, but providing an apt comment on the realities of reality.

The adrenalin rush of noise and melody doesn’t stop as ‘Style Over Everything‘ attempts to steal the show. The profound observations of the environment and society in which we live continues with the track – providing a striking, yet honest attitude to the album.

Youth Wasted’ is perhaps the standout on the album – a bombastic combination of infectious rhythms and anthematic lyrics that completely resonate with the listener. The call out to the youth of today is unquestionable – a stirring reminder to not waste opportunities that are put before you.

Once again, this idea is actualised by the time ‘Pilot Lights‘ rolls around. ‘..lightning strikes once, it does not strike twice..‘ further emphasises the pitch and feel of the album – an opportunity to provide the audience with a bigger picture scenario. It’s by this stage you come to realise that the album is not necessarily about the band – it’s about the person listening to it.

Ribcage‘ is the most punchy track on the album. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the track hits you with a well-constructed punk melody. The image of mosh pits exploding with fists flying, punching the air is impossible to ignore.

The album reaches its solemn pinacle with ‘Life Less Ordinary‘ – a beautiful artists lament with equally astounding lyrics and melody that seem to haunt your very soul. ‘..welcome to my masquerade..’ Caughthran croons. Undoubtedly, this is the Bronx at their best.

Clocking in around 36 minutes, ‘IV‘ is one of the Bronx finest albums. The onslaught of noise and melody doesn’t let up, takes no prisoners and certainly never surrenders from the minute it bursts through your speakers. The overall anthematic feel of the album will certainly find its place in the audiences heart, and without doubt, inspire a hundred mosh pits to burst into song.

This album may have been a long time coming, but dammit, it’s certainly worth the wait.



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