Downfall of Gaia

Reviewed by Adam Smith

With Suffocating In The Swarm of Crane, Downfall of Gaia have aimed to create a mix of blissful and haunting soundscapes, and they’ve completely succeeded.

Drowning By Wing Beats is the perfect introduction to the band’s brand of brooding post metal, which dips in and out of a number of genres. Harrowing screams are matched with ambient guitar work, plunging listeners into a dark, ominous and astounding headspace.

In The Rivers Bleak sees mercilessly heavy sounds quickly turn into snippets of pulverising hardcore that Converge would be proud to call their own.

There are occasions when a band’s experimentation can be their own downfall, yet this is not the case for Downfall of Gaia, who are capable of masterfully intertwining genres without their music sounding at all disjointed.

Beneath The Crown of Cranes is reminiscent of Isis, offering over ten minutes of beautifully heavy music, dripping with emotion.

The shortest song here still clocks in at over 5 minutes, meaning Suffocating In The Swarm of Crane may be hard for some to digest, yet each minute serves a purpose and metal fans with patience will not be let down.




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