Reviewed by Adam Smith

With so many variants of the death metal genre grabbing attention, it is refreshing to hear Sweden’s Aeon bring it back to basics and produce an uncompromised, hate-filled sonic attack.

From the opening of Still They Pray, listeners know a simply crushing record is in store.  Aeon hold no illusions about their remit, which is to get heads banging with an array of riffs, solos and blast beats.

Vocally, it could be claimed that Aeon are one-dimensional as, unlike some of their counterparts  in the scene, there are no high-pitched screams. This is by no means a criticism, though the lack of variety could discourage deathcore fans.

However,  fans of Amon Amarth and Immolation will no doubt be impressed by the monstrously heavy I Bring You Death and Garden of Sin, which are both relentlessly fierce and fast-paced, making them sure to be live favourites throughout 2013.

The main flaw of Aeons Black is the repetitive nature of the band’s guitar work which, aside from some exceptional solos, consists of sludge-esque riffs that become monotonous towards the end of the record.

Respite comes in the shape of melancholic instrumental tracks (Aftermath, Passage To Hell), which help to break up the album’s intensity, adding an atmospheric feel in the process.

Aeons Black certainly doesn’t rewrite the death metal rule book, but for those wanting a raucously heavy start to 2013, it could be just the right record.



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