Electric Horse

Electric Horse first unveiled their unique style of melodic rock/metal to the masses in the heart of winter 2009 with a self recorded demo, and instantly won over a core of loyal fans off the back of their very first run of live shows. In 2012 the band  focused on writing and recording brand new material for their highly anticipated debut album. We sat down with guitarist Luke Attrill talk about the release, the  Year of the Snake and hitting the road in 2013.

By Meghan Player

Happy New Year guys! You’ve not only your debut album launching soon, but a string of shows lined up to coincide with it’s release – that must be an ideal start to 2013 for the band?

Absolutely! We worked our backsides off (between touring and personal family/work commitments) to get the album ready for an early 2013 release – so we’re all hanging to get the tunes in people’s ear holes and hit the road.

What can you tell us about the album?
We just wanted to make a kick ass rock ‘n’ roll record that sounded positive and exciting – nothing was over thought or pre meditated, not too many bells and whistles production wise. The drums were tracked at Loose Stones Studios with Tyson Lee and everything else was recorded at Dog’s home studio – which allowed us more time to pull sounds and try different approaches to parts without watching the clock.

Is there any pressure with putting together a debut album? Were there certain things that you wanted to avoid when writing/recording the album?
No pressure, we figured as long as we were digging the tunes, that would come across in the performance and make for a quality recording. You tend to get too attached to results when you say “we can’t do this or that” and forget to enjoy the process.

If the album is a music fans first taste of Electric Horse, what are you hoping their first impressions will be? “FAAAARRRK!” [laughs] We’ve made this record for each other, we love our scaley creation and hopefully that comes across when people hear it.

Is it important for the band to match the intensity and enthusiasm of a live gig in a recording/for an album?
Without a doubt. You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making an album, so it’s got to sound relative to the live experience. You get one crack at a song live, so the fire in the belly gives you that edge. After 5 takes of a song in the studio you have to stoke that fire to make it burn as hot as it did on the first take, that’s where St. Caffeine comes in.

When is the expected release date for the album?
February 15 2013, year of the snake. It also happens to be our manager Ricky T’s birthday, he turns 16.

Will the album release and touring take up most of your year?
Touring and playing live are the luxuries of the whole process so of course we’d like to be out there more often than not. We definitely want to clock up some km’s on the back of this recording.

Finally, what can people expect at the album launch shows?
5 top Aussie lads playing their instruments and singing with utter joy, celebrating the fruits of their collective labor.


Many thanks to Luke for taking the time to chat to us. A special thanks to ‘Ricky T’ for his help.

You can check out Electric Horse, and their upcoming tour dates at:


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