This Is Radio Silence

Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what?
We’re a London band. We are Ben (vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming), Sam (guitars, vocals) and Geoff (bass). Live, we’re joined by Hunter (keyboards, computers) and a drummer.

Describe your sound and lyric style
We’ve been called ‘post-industrial dub rock’ recently, which is a pretty good description. We write about truth.

Who are your main influences? What else inspires you?
Recently at TIRS HQ we’ve been listening to bands like: Nick Cave, Adrian Sherwood, Burial, The Orb, Twilight Circus, Puscifer, Swans, The Chameleons, Amplifier, Levitation (early 90’s band), Boards Of Canada, Talking Heads, Gang Of Four. We listen to a lot of music. Other than music –  Kafka, Danielewski, David Lynch, Coppola, Camus, Hunter S Thompson, Bill Hicks, Francesca Woodman, Mark Rothko, Keith Floyd. And real life, which both inspires and disgusts us in different ways every day.
What are you working on now?
We’ve just released our new album ‘Soon, Much Of This Will Have Been Destroyed’, so we’re deep into the promo work for that. However, we’re constantly looking forwards – we’re working on a couple of brand new songs that we’re hoping to record soon.
Are you touring now? When/where?
We’ve nothing confirmed at present but we’ll be hitting the road in early 2013. We hope to go across into mainland Europe and hopefully get ourselves on a festival bill or two in the summer.

What can people expect at your live gigs?
We approach every show as if it’s our last. If you don’t, you get complacent. If you’re complacent, you can’t give the audience what they demand or deserve. We want to take our audiences on a trip, give them an experience. We’re also renowned for being very loud.

Where can people check out your music?

Our Bandcamp page is the best place: http://thisisradiosilence.bandcamp.com/

And also our homepage: www.thisradiosilence.com


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