2012 has been a big year, both locally and internationally, for the music scene. Bands have reformed, called it quits, redefined their sound or reinvented their image – dropping in some stellar albums along the way.

Part of the Push To Fire team [Leo Kindred, Adam Smith, Mark Plummer, Emma Dean & Meghan Player] sat down to delve through the mass of releases from the year that was. These are the bands we loved in 2012.

Jackson Firebird

Cock Rockin’
Jackson Firebird
As the name suggests, this is a down and dirty album from the Mildura garage rockers. A healthy dose of straight up rock, Cock Rockin’ is the perfect mix of tracks of their old and new work. Definitely rising stars! [Emma]

Every Time I Die

Ex Lives
Every Time I Die
Once the chaotic opening of ‘Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space’ reverberates through the speakers, you just know you’re in for a treat.  Razor-sharp riffs complement the band’s best lyrics to date, leaving listeners with a hardcore masterpiece.  In a scene where new bands sprout up on a monthly basis, Every Time I Die have cemented their legacy as the scene’s leaders. [Adam]


Koi No Yokan

From the moment I heard Koi No Yokan I knew this was the best album I’d heard all year. With their sultry bitter sweet eye for melody and ultra-low, almost legato-smooth guitar sound, this silk-laced, almost, at times, sensual release showcases more of the band’s side I have a deep love for. The pre-dawn twilight beauty of this glittering release is uplifting and tender, with still the show of angst and force that have Deftones being probably the only band to emerge from the nu metal era with their artistic integrity unassailable. [Leo]

Southern Air
What’s not to love? Yellowcard almost got it right on their previous release, but this one really hit the spot with all of the fans. Poignant, powerful and ineffable. A brilliant summer record. [Mark]
Jack White
Whatever Jack White touches turns to gold – and his debut solo album is no exception. From distorted rock, to blues to a country waltz – the album is flawless from start to finish. A must have in any music fans collection. [Meghan]


Battle Born
The Killers
I hadn’t listened to The Killers for a while before Battle Born came out, but single ‘Runaways’ was just so refreshingly different I couldn’t help but explore further. Singer Brandon Flowers proves his amazing vocal range again and again, drawing particularly on the golden years of Meatloaf and David Bowie. [Emma]


All We Love We Leave Behind
After garnering the acclaim and admiration that Converge have in their career, they could release almost anything and see it lapped up by their fanbase, yet instead they are challenging and pushing their sound further. ‘Trespasses’ is unwavering in its brutality, while the title track manages to pack the same intensity despite its slower tempo. From start to finish, the album doesn’t let up. [Adam]

Bloodshot Dawn

Bloodshot Dawn
Portsmouth represent! I originally heard of this debut through another UK death-thrash band, but the musical finesse and ability of Bloodshot Dawn’s debut is extraordinary, and marks them out as a band with huge riffs and leads, both brutal and melodic. When you do that the dawn may well be blood red, but it harbingers a bright day ahead. The future’s bright , the future’s Bloodshot! [Leo]

The Rocket Summer

Life Will Write The Words
The Rocket Summer
Pop-rocks own Trent Reznor once again dishes out a handful of songs that contain enough positive messages to make the saddest of emo kids find a smile and feel hopeful. Bryce Avary delivers time after time and this release is a testament to that. [Mark]


Mumford & Sons
Following up on the success of their debut was never going to be easy, but the English four-piece stepped up to the plate with ‘Babel’. Marcus Mumford’s vocals are at their haunting best, beautifully captured by the folk-rock melodies that surround them. Achingly beautiful album. [Meghan]


Black Rabbits
Out of all the albums I encountered this year, Black Rabbits was definitely the one I had been looking forward to the most. Full of signature guitar riffs, sharp vocals and a generally more light-heartedlyric style, Black Rabbits is everything a good Australian rock album should be. [Emma]


Devin Townsend 
A tough choice, there were plenty of other contenders and this is probably one of the less strong releases from the Canadian master of metal otherness. The drumming is a bit flat and doesn’t have much fluidity, the guitar lacks bite and the material isn’t quite as epic nor as loud as one would hope. And yet, the sheer melodic joy of this album still wins me over.
Anneke Van Giersbergen sings like a bird and the unbridled joy and euphoric, touching quality of ‘Where We Belong’, ‘Grace’, ‘Save Our Now’, ‘Divine’,  will, despite the difficulty in cutting out several top releases, be justified by the fact I will keep coming back to this release. [Leo]


Heavy in the Day
Something a bit more unique and unequivocally british. Their first release was a stand out, this can easily join it.
A real mix of melodies from a variety of genres, somehow mixed into one pleasing to hear record. [Mark]


Persona Non Grata
If there was one debut album to get excited about this year, it was certainly in the hands of Australian rockers, Strangers. Their astounding debut hits the nail on the head with each ensuing track resulting in one killer rock album. Definitely an act to keep an eye on for 2013! [Meghan]

Honorable mentions:

Anaal Nathrakh – Vanitas
Napalm Death – Utilitarian
Gorod – A Perfect Absolution
Abiotic – Symbiosis
Revocation – Teratogenesis EP
The Chariot – One Wing
The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten
Bloc Party – Four
Make Do and Mend – Everything You Ever Loved
The Toot Toot Toots – Outlaws
The Hives – Lex Hives
King Cannons – The Brightest Light
The Jim Jones Revue – The Savage Heart
Blue Gillespie – VII Rages of Man




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