By Leo Kindred
Hearing a fresh blast of brutality from a new band with something modern and intriguing to propose in their format is particularly welcome, and even better when it turns out not to be a derivative variation of the deathcore formula which has been plaguing those of us who enjoy hearing, um, notes.

On this impressive debut Florida 5-piece Abiotic have granted those wishes, then proceeded to fuck shit up even more thoroughly with eerie atmospherics balanced alongside intense punch-throwing riffs, breakdowns that don’t have you reaching for the sick bag and a musical classiness that makes for a totally winning release.

Despite the dynamics and attention to craft the main body is still rooted in a rotting-gore feel, honed by the drenched in distortion guitar work and the grotesque growling and screeched vocals. A sting in the tail comes from the cajoling the formula into simultaneously progressive and high-tech directions, before blending it with a deathcore physicality.

The outcome of listening to Symbiosis is like opening a man-hole cover, sticking your head in, and being assaulted in the eerie macabre green light by a high-speed mixture of toxic sewage and savage mutant hornets. Awesome in other words.

A bit The Faceless, a bit Beneath The Massacre but it’s still possesses an authenticity that’ll trend-proof the quintet from the slings and arrows of the elite, and with tracks like ‘Vermosapien‘ it’ll more than adequately answer any who doubt the integrity of this modern death metal masterwork.

Abiotic, having eaten of many different styles, has excreted something truly delicious.



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