Taking Chase - Too Many Stories

Reviewed by Mark Plummer

DIY releases seem to go one of two ways, they are either incredibly professional sounding, having had some proper care and attention given to them with people who know what they’re doing, or they sound half complete with parts that are almost there and others that still require a lot of work. Unfortunately, this release is the latter. By all means it’s not terrible and there are certainly parts that deserve praise, at the same time however, there is a vast amount that reminds any listener why DIY releases are a dangerous path to tread.

Where this release starts to fall apart is in the vocal performance, there are multiple times when intros and instrumental bridges provide too much of a sweet relief. The vocals lack soul and emotion, never really connecting with the music and feeling like they don’t belong there. Too Many Stories does hold within it flashes of promise, but it’s a strain to pick them up with just how easy it is to switch off from the lack of care and attention that has been given towards the vocals.

Whilst Man Versus Truth starts off sounding like it’s being suffocated, it picks up halfway through with a neat and heavy, almost Muse like riff. Faith Plus One also hits the spot for its upbeat tempo and best of all, the vocals seem to connect with the rest of the band, finally feeling like everything has come together.

What Taking Chase do have going for them in vast abundance is there versatility. This isn’t just another band who pick their genre and stick to it, there’s a vast array of tangents to wet the taste buds of anyone looking for something new to grab onto. Seeing as this release was recorded over a two year period, it definitely shows and works rather nicely for the band.

Even though this is billed as a DIY release and certain things can be taken into consideration and accepted, the biggest flaw is how this only sounds like a demo at best. It exemplifies the need to do things right or invest the time in recording with someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s with regret then, to say that Taking Chase just sound like a college band who haven’t taken the challenge of writing a debut album seriously. Hopefully future releases will see them give more attention to the finer details.

2 out of 5


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