The Royal Artillery

Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what?
Hi, TRA for short, hailing from Brisbane. Hard rocking trio; Ben on bass, Nate on drums and Zed (me) on lead guitar and vocals.

Describe your sound and lyric style
We run the gauntlet between heavy blues and desert rock. Everything comes from a blues basis, we just try to push it further, like they did in the 60’s and the 90’s- our lyric content usually involves cryptic innuendo or sayings that I pull apart and extend on, although some of our tracks have pop sensibilities with verse and chorus structure with the odd hook. You have to keep it sweet enough for girls and hard enough for guys, I think…

Who are your main influences? What else inspires you?
I’m on a 90’s Aussie alternative trip of late, there was something magical about that era. Ben is a punk through and through and listens to some perverse and scuzzy shit. I’m always investigating old blues, there are so many songs out there from different backgrounds to learn something from, there’s a certain buzz in finding a rare gem. I guess the band’s vibe is inspired by Hendrix and Sabbath and Kyuss and Zz Top, it’s groovy with soul but it gets heavy if the audience wants it, they inspire us!

What are you working on now?
We want to be Australia’s favourite band to see live, have been touring almost non stop all year and picking up some great supports along the way. We feel that our live show defines us as an entity and so we take our time on stage seriously, there’s been some iffy moments though, we’ve left scars, mental. Would love to get back to LA with the band, it’s a completely different beast to Oz.

Are you touring now? When/where?
We’re on the road with Seth Enslow and Bubba of the Crusty Demons right now actually, through SEQ till the end of November. Its a bit of a dream rolling with the guys, they love our tunes and talk about the scene in LA, a big hit on the ‘need to do list’ for us. We’ll be doing a quick run down to Melbourne and back for the release of our single in December, it’s great there.

What can people expect at your live gigs?
Our live show is like going to the zoo to look at some furry animals when some cheeky monkey bastard calls your bluff, looks you in the eye and pisses in front of you, all the while smiling with some dangerous james dean vibe, the little prick even has an earring- you’re a little shocked but totally amazed, you instantly respect the little guy and reach for your phone to snap up this incredible moment to share with your friends on Facebook. Our shows are just like that, long songs, fat riffs, solos to melt your face, you’ll want to give us money straight out of your wallet.

Where can people check out your music?
Online. Type ‘the royal artillery blues’ into YouTube for 8 minutes of life in hell, type ‘the royal artillery seismic toss’ into google for our recent split hosted on bandcamp, and ‘the royal artillery live’ on spotify to hear some old gold. Please, like us on the books and come see the real thing sometime!

Thu 6 Dec West End The Boundary
Fri 7 Dec Brisbane Crowbar w/ Given Things
Thu 13 Dec Melbourne Espy w/ White Summer, You and Your Friends
Fri 14 Dec Melbourne Brunswick w/ BJ Winters and more
Sat 15 Dec Melbourne IDGAFF w/ Stephen Bowtell Band and more
Wed 19 Dec  Brisbane Blackbear Lodge w/ Owls
Sat 22 Dec Fortitude Valley XandY Bar  BLUES ROCK RIOT 2 (w/ Smokestack Orchestra and more)

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