Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s been a year since Sydney prog-metal powerhouse Lomera burst our respective eardrums with their stellar debut self-titled EP. Now, we’re about to have our brains turned to subsequent mush with the release of their latest EP, Lomera II.

Evidently, the past year has been a big one for the band with their current sound doubling, if not tripling on the earth-shattering noise that their debut produced. Opener ‘La Marcha De La Muerte‘ is a melodic masterpiece – a gorgeous blend of sludge and rock with a killer ‘impending doom’ overture. Frontman Matt Power’s vocals are off the chain this time around – a sound that lies somewhere between a scream and a husky growl.

Prayer Light‘ changes tempo and mood, drawing on the bands original sound and style but pushing it into new, unfamiliar territory. The result is a moody, cathartic experience for the listener – another step in the right direction for the band and their natural sound progression.

The EP hits the ultimate trifecta by the time ‘Death Tonight!‘ rolls around [closely followed by closer ‘Thrones‘] – with the band once again showing what a premium powerhouse they have become in the last 12 months.

Undoubtedly, it’s always hard for a band to top a flawless debut EP, but Lomera have well and truly stepped up to the plate. Their sound is heavier, their riffs are tighter, their melodies more melodic. Needless to say, forget everything that you knew about Lomera. This is something new. And it’s fucking dangerous.



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