First grabbing our attention with the melodic and downright dark release ‘Synthesisa’, Welsh prog-metal three-piece Blue Gillespie have been on our radar for the last couple of years. Venturing to Australia for the first time as a band, we chatted to Gareth, Nick and Rhys about their Australian fans, the troubles with dubstep and writing the follow-up to epic, ‘Seven Rages of Man‘.

By Meghan Player

“We’ve been loving it here. Everyone is really friendly and the vibe has been really good,” begins drummer Nick Harrison. On the night of their final gig, the band are more than happy to reflect on their short time in Australia – recapping on the first gig in Brisbane a week prior.

“It was a really great gig,” tells vocalist Gareth David-Lloyd, “there was a great crowd, and it was really loud. Possibly too loud for the venue.”

“But they definitely want us to come back,” adds guitarist Rhys Bryant, “which is great news.”

Whilst the band only scheduled two shows this time around – in Brisbane and Adelaide respectively – fans took it upon themselves to show their dedication by travelling from various parts of Australia to show their support, with some travelling from as far as Perth to catch the lads in action.

“We didn’t expect such a massive turnout,” explains Nick, “so we definitely want to make a thing of this.”

“It’s really flattering as well [to receive so much support],” tells Rhys.

“There’s a lot of people who came up to us after the gig that loved the music,” Gareth mentions. “Basically, we’ve got a lot more fans here than we thought we had.”

Understandably, the band are beside themselves at the support they have received both here and throughout the UK for their music – support which was pushed into overdrive with their latest epic ‘Seven Rages of Man‘. Based loosely on the Shakespearean sonnet ‘The Seven Ages of Man‘ – the album delves into the ‘life cycle’ of multiple characters that “weave and intertwine with each other” over the course of the album. Both fans and critics alike have praised the album highly, warranting stellar reviews across the board – the results of which are still evident when the band reflect on the time since it’s release.

“Australia is definitely one of our hot spots at the moment,” explains Gareth. “The music seems to be more of our demographic here compared to the UK, which seems to be falling on its arse a little bit.”

“It seems to have done really well both here, the US and the UK,” describes Nick. “So, we’ve got some great support across the board really.”

Whilst the album itself is only seven months old, the feverish anticipation as to what the band will do next is undeniable – with each member hinting at what is around the corner for the next release.

“We’ve got ideas floating around,” explains Nick. “Gareth has been coming up with lyrics left, right and centre. But, basically because we’ve been so busy with this album, trying to promote it and get it out there – that’s sort of been our main focus.”

“Our next stage, I guess, instead of releasing another album would be to release a few singles – and then promote them,” continues Nick. “Plus we want to try to get some decent videos together for them, and seeing how that builds. We want to get the fans involved as well.”

“We’re keen to focus on releasing the singles,” Gareth tells. “We’ve got sort of a loose concept at the moment. It’s not going to be as strict as ‘Seven Rages’, we want the singles to work on their own. The tracks will be more isolated, and there will be a surprise concept at the end when all the tracks come together.”

“It’s kind of like giving listeners different pieces to a puzzle,” concludes Nick.

While the foundations are still being sorted out for what the new material will sound like, the band are quite adamant on what the album won’t sound like.

“We’re always going to have a dark element [to our sound]. We say that though, then when we write it, it might end up as a trip-hop album,” laughs Gareth.

“As long as it doesn’t turn out like a dance album – or  dubstep,” laughs Nick.

With the end of the year approaching, and the promise of new material on the horizon – the band seem more happy to focus on the ‘now’ rather than the future – stopping at the end of todays interview to express their gratitude to their loyal fan base, both in Australia and further abroad.

“They’re really changing our lives, and we’re a lot more focused now as a band.”

“They’re really spurned us on, so I guess the big message is just: thank you.”


A massive thank you to Gareth, Rhys and Nick for the interview. Special thanks also to Justine for her constant support.

You can check out Blue Gillespie and their music at:



  1. I´ve liked this. Congrats for “Seven rages of man” (and the other songs). You are good.

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